Is our annual visit...

Is our annual visit to see our MS Consultant meant to cheer us up??? It was actually 14 months but who is counting AND what does it matter? More ??? than answers, no change there then! You arrive with such hope (why) ‘ah, well see in 12 months’. I can’t even say that I am confusedI am simply resigned to this damned disease, I wanted to say f**king but I didn’t want to shock some of our more polite gang. Take care folksat least we are the gang M

Hi M

That’s my sole reason for not bothering to see the neurologist anymore…

complete waste of time, mine and his.

Take care


Say fu**king as much as you like… esp when it comes to pointless time-wasting visits to neuro!!!

I go to neuro for one reason only… I’m on benefits and the letters come in useful (or they should… the last one, which I will NOT be sending to Atos, made it sound like I have a bit of a cold. Didn’t even mention half the stuff I told him! What about PAIN, FATIGUE, BLADDER, THE FACT THAT I CAN HARDLY BLOODY WALK… no not mentioned. Was he actually listening? Were we actually in the same room?

I don’t know why they tell us to come back. What exactly is the point???

Have a rant M and let me and the gang have a fu**king rant with you.

Love ya, Pat xx

oooops sorry that was a bit of a rant!

Had lovely time in Southend but towards end my right buttock and leg were very painful (from sitting on scooter I assume) and terrible pain on journey home and am now so knackered… so sort of lost it in above post.

But really it’s all true anyway…

Pat x

My neurologist didn’t even want to see me annually. He said that there was nothing he could do for me so there was no point in seeing me. If I wanted to see him again myself he would be happy to see me. Great! Glad Southend was good. Sorry you ended up in loads of pain. Don’t blame anyone for using f******g or any other swear words. If it helps us vent - who cares! Teresa xx

Hi Pat

Glad you had a nice day trip in Southend, and I know they can be really

exhausting. Best to take it easy for a couple of days.

Teresa, it was yonks ago that I asked the neuro was there any point in keep

going to see him, not really was his reply, so we agreed to leave the appointment

open, and if I want to go to ring. Needless to say I haven’t rung, sorry to sound so

pessamistic, but I can’t for the life of me see the point in going.

I agree with you all it’s best to let your rant out. I never realised I knew so

many swear words, I bet I could make the local rugby team blush some days.

Keep smiling everyone (and swearing!!!)

Pam x

Hi folks

Glad you had a nice time Pat, if I could I’d carry a cushion with me every where… Unfortuneately this reminds me of John Wayne in the ‘Shootist’ I have enough visions in my brain and this is NOT a good one for a gal.

With ref. to the Consultant I live in hope of a break through for Progressive MS, Take care at least we have each otherM

Haha yesterday I was thinking that I must get cushion for scooter… memory foam… will look for one online today.

Couple of months ago I went to small theatre with hard seats and took my own cushion… worked a treat!

I am John Wayne in ‘Shootist’… how did you know?

Am VERY today. Had to get up early as man was coming to look at my boiler. Don’t ask!

YES let’s hope for a breakthrough in ppms research… It WILL happen on day!

We DO have each other… thank goodness…

Pat x

When a cushion is not to hand, I folder jacket/handbag/a chums jacket… I need my lower back supported BUT I can relate to rear end as wellI was going to ask if it was gas related to the ‘boiler check’ but I just realised that could also be taken in many ways

Take care, M

Te he not gas related but it’s a problem I do get but nothing to do with boiler!!!

Boiler was making funny vibration noise… very strangely was in sinc with the vibration feeling in my legs & torso. Was a bit surreal. Anyway noise went before boiler man came… so came and went without reason. Is it possible my boiler has got MS???

Luckily other people could hear the noise as well or I might question my own sanity.

Won £2 at bingo last night and have lunch club today… shepherd’s pie…

Hope you all having a good day,

Pat xx

Glad you got the

More bingo wins!!! No to be with bingo wings, how cookng am I this morning I should probably I hope everyone has a good dayM

Yep… you’re cooking with gas… Bingo wings… can you actually see my arms through this screen???

Went for annual blood test this morning… the ‘fasting’ type. That’s my news! (fascinating life I lead )

Also had to take a urine sample… Jeeez how does anyone pee into that little container! I ended up using a measuring jug and still got most of it on the floor (too much information maybe???).

Have a good day gang.

Love Pat xx