yearly consultant visit

if youve got ppms consultants are a waste of time. asked me nothing told me nothing as usual

I agree, but it's really not their fault and does keep us in the loop, if nothing else. 


At least it gets me scrubbed up and out of the house!

Hi Joy, yes agree in general. confused

A couple of reasons that keep me going: like Stefos, it's a day out... lol. My hospital sells good coffee and exhibit art in the lobby. 

Second reason is, if on benefits, the letters from neuro can be handy to send in with benefit applications.

Thirdly, if and when there are trials or new treatments, if you are going to neuro you might be selected to try them. 

So I guess that if you go along expecting nothing it isn't so disappointing. I used to find it very upsetting going but now have lowered my expectations and it's no longer upsetting.

Hope you're doing ok Joy,

Pat x happy2

I find yearly visit to the local hospital to see the consultant very unsatisfactory. We go every year to ask for a prescription for LDN. No luck yet. Next appointment in January 2013, Will try again


Know what you mean; I haven’t seen a Neuro in 30 years but as whammel says it’s best if you keep your nose known.




I know its disheartning but they can help with your symptoms and prescribe meds that your gp cant. It is also good in case you become ill and require hospitalisation god forbid but it happened to me when I became septic so at least when they wanted neuro input he knew me not very well but they had how I was affected in my notes. New trials are happening so keep going in case you are eligble. Take care.

My last 12 monthly visit was in May this year, it had become little more than a social call. Neuro suggested I be discharged and  if I had any problems contact the MS Nurse and if necessary they could contact the Neuro direct.

It suits me as no ritual nightmare of parking at the Hospital to contend with.