Good neurology appointment...

I had my yearly visit with my neuro on weds and I’m still thinking about it. I do really like him, out of the 4 neuros my local health board have employed over all my ms years, he’s great. He actually listens to me!
My first neuro was a horrible bar steward, he really was. I hope he’s been struck down with a severe case of crotch rot!! (Not that I’m bitter… )
Anyhoo… back to my nice neuro. He was asking me about the pain in my legs I’ve had for what seems like… urgh forever?! He asked when I first started getting that pain & seemed really interested that it was when I was 13/14 yr old. Spoke about a lot of other symptoms that I started getting then and have stayed with me, developing (& worsening) over the years. He seemed really… excited mibe isny the right word, but animated?? He’s sending me for brain & spinal MRI cos it’s been so long since my first & only scans.
I duno why I’m so happy really cos it’s not like getting the scans is going to tell me anything different. I’m just… I duno…optimistic?? Especially with him asking so many questions about the problems I started experiencing during my teens.
It’s not going to change anything I know, it just feels good to be kind of investigated again I suppose, instead of the standard blurb how’s your ms…blah blah blah - aren’t you walking well - see you in a year - shakes your hand - smiles and says goodbye… whilst turning to write in your casenotes…

Sorry for slevering on. I’m bad for that I know. Long way for a short cut everytime, that’s me!
Peace out x


Hello, libertine,

I’m so pleased you’ve got a good neuro, doesn’t it make a difference when they treat us with respect and dignity and a lovely bedside manner, I’m waiting to be referred again for a second opinion to a neuro out of area as my last one was hopeless and left me feeling very disillusioned.

I hope my new one is good.

Michelle x

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Hiya Michelle
I really hope you get a nice neuro on your second opinion. Having the appointment itself is stressful enough cos you’re obviously worried about what’s wrong with you, why is your body doing/not doing things it’s supposed to, but to then be faced with a consultant that is unhelpful, unfriendly and dismissive is a horrible horrible experience. I can remember holding back tears during a couple of my consultations with him. It shouldn’t be like that though, it’s not right that so many of us still get seen & treated by these nob end neuros!
Is your gp supportive Michelle? Hopefully he is cos having a good gp is half the battle. I hope you get seen soon & get some answers from a “nice” neuro. Take care x

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Hello Libertine.

He sounds like he actually cares. It makes all the difference, even though we know what the great MS beast is like. I like to think there is so much more to life than just being able to get about without pain or discomfort. There is the whole metaphysical side of our existence-what we think, what we know and how we respond to the world’s great offerings.

The restrictions upon us do not turn us into lesser beings. It does the opposite.

Best wishes, Steve.


They put the PPMS badge on us without truly looking in to ‘us’, if they asked for our knowledge of our medical history, it would change nothing now but boy could they learn for it! Does that make sense?

I’m glad you like your new neuro some really ‘get it’ M

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Hi Rosie, It makes all the difference when they actually pay attention to what you are saying. It makes you feel that there is a

bit of hope instead of being written off.

I haven’t seen my neuro since dx. My choice, didn’t think there was any point. I see the ms nurse instead, give her all my woes.

I have an old pension when I used to work in a bank. Thought I would try for it a few years early. My neuro wrote a letter to

them. Reading this letter I would write myself off. Lol!,

Mags xx

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