New Neurologist

Hi everyone,

A week ago last Friday I seen a new neurologist, he has taken over my old ones cases and just to get a catch up with me. So he has noticed the my eyes aren’t responding the way they should and identified what nerves are effected also noticed some other things have changed so I’m going back this Friday for an MRI to check for changes and already got an appointment to go back to see him.

My last Neuro just wrote me off, this guy seems actually interested, so I’m happy, he’s also really interested in my physio and not losing anything more than I need to. So I’m a happy girl, so often we see Doctors even specialists who are uninterested in us.

Hope everyone is doing well, and plans for a good week ahead.

Hugs to everyone

Polly xxx

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Hi Polly

That’s fantastic, hang on to him, so pleased for you.

Pam x


Oh I love to hear about neuro’s who actually listen and care!!!

Trainee neuro’s who might be surfing this site… please note!!!

Great news Polly,

Pat xx


Pleased to hear it Polly, i like my ms specialist,the one before this one retired and i can honestly say he was brilliant too,he was the only one who listened,and i mean really listen and he treat me like a real person too,quite a rare quality i find, i was gutted when after seeing him just the twice he retired.

J x

That’s great news Polly!

I’m very lucky with my neuro too, he’s really caring.

Take care,

Nina x

Great news Polly. I have a good Neuro too, it makes a lot of difference.

Cath x

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I found this really interesting. Yesterday I saw my fourth neurologist in ten years. I hadn’t seen one at all for the last three years. Like you I felt he was actually interested in me.

In addition, he’s changed my original diagnosis of SPMS (based on an episode of double vision two years before anyone considered it might be MS) I always doubted this decision, as my deterioration has been steady and unceasing.

Now he tells me in his opinion it’s Primary Progressive, not great news, but I feel strangely relieved.