Appointment with Neurologist??


I’ve had MS for over 30 years and have only managed to see a Neurologist 5 or 6 times!

I was offered an appointment back in February 2023 which was then moved to July, then it was brought forward to June then moved back to July. This morning the Hospital have informed me that it has now been rescheduled to August that’s the 5th move!!

Will I ever see a Neurologist again and is this happening to other MS patients??

Unfortunately my mobility is pretty dire these days & I struggle to walk.

My MS Nurse thinks the Neurologist could possibly help with deal with the pain I am in at the moment.

Who knows though??

Sue x

Hi Sue, Well I don’t know what part of the country you are in, I’m in West Yorkshire and have recently found out that the neurologist here retired in December, as did his assistant neuro, now we’re having to share 1 neuro between 2 hospital’s , shocking really, so here in Huddersfield it’s not surprising when I hear that folk are having to wait, which is awful, we’ve a friend that last December was dx’d with Parkinson’s and still hasn’t seen anyone :weary: I really hope you’re not waiting too much longer.


Hiya Jean

Thanks for your reply … yes maybe it’s a lack of Neurologist’s down here in Buckinghamshire too!

I lived in Yorkshire for many years … Leeds and Pontefract and loved it. But work brought me down here!

Hope you’re having a good day?

I’m going to try Acupuncture this afternoon… it will do me good to get out the house!

Take care

Sue x

Good luck with that Sue, yes its nice to get out, sadly it doesn’t happen very often, take care love and enjoy your day.

Hi Sue

Sorry to hear this. I have been RRMS for the past 20 years or so but have recently lost a lot of my mobility in my right leg and also have drop foot.
I was recently re-diagnosed as SPMS Secondary Progressive MS

I’ve had a physio assessment and an MRI scan where they notice new scarring on my spine.

I am lucky that I am getting to try out F.E.S. soon. Functional Electronic that help with the movemen Stimulus.

This is something you should ask about. They stick pads to your calf and they send electrical impulses to the muscle

Perhaps you’ve heard of FES? If not I would Google it

all the best

Hiya Mark

Oh I haven’t heard of FES but I will Google it. Thanks for the suggestion!

I’m also doing some stretching exercises which seems to help
with the aches and pain! It’s really difficult to keep positive with this flipping MS but trying different things helps a bit!

Hope you have a good weekend?

Sue x