My annual neuro appointment tomorrow

Taxi ride there & back so I’ll see a bit of the world from the window.

Hospital kiosk sells first-class coffee & very yummy cake.

They exhibit some rather good artwork in the foyer.

Friend is coming with me so we can have a good chat and a laugh.

Er… oh yeah… I’ll see the neuro or registrar for 10 minutes max… that’ll be the pointless bit then.

Hey ho…

Pat x

Hi, sounds like a fab day out to me!!!

Got any new questions for him/her?

Enjoy the outing.

luv Pollx

Hello Pat,

I had an appointment with orthotics at 9 am last November. This is at a brand new hospital in a nightmare location, especially in the morning rush hour. We left at 8.15 with our 2 week old daughter and battled in for 9. This place has these wonderful heavy internal doors-great for a whhelchair being pushed by my lovely wife with a baby carrier wrapped round her. Anyway we got into the appointment and this young lady measured my foot and said “That’s all we need to do for the moment!” Of course little Rose then needed a change and feed. We arrived back home at 11.15. Three hours to have my foot measured with a tape measure-you could not make it up! At least my neurologist is realistic. He opened his summarising sentence with “I don’t want to appear nihilistic but…” We agreed to meet in 3 years time.

All the best, Steve

Oh Steve what a bloody hassle to have your foot measured!!!

Pat x

Hi Poll, I’m going to ask about Vit D. My NHS test showed I was in ‘optimal level’ … but folk seem to think us MSers should be higher, so I’ll see what neuro says.

Will also tell him that my hands are now affected… keep dropping things (threw a knife into air recently in restaurant & lamb cutlet went flying across table!)… & bladder lives a life of its own… it’s either gone for hours without explanation or is nagging me every 10 mins!

Nothing the neuro can do of course… but have to think of something to talk about for my 10 mins!

Just went and bought some Tena pads as a bit nervous about taxi ride etc… was going to buy Morrisons own cheap brand but they have LADIES INCONTINENCE PADS written a mile-high! As it was I hid the more discreet pack of Tena pads under a bag of salad leaves.

Oh well… se la vie…

Pat x

Just got back.

Had a really nice doctor… not my usual posh bloke but an extremely nice young woman… and the lovely MS nurse sat in as well.

They’re referring me to incontinence for the ‘leaky’ bladder and various bowel problems. Nothing else… but at least they listened to me and made nice suggestions but nothing that I didn’t know. This board has made me such an expert!

Used my little emergency wheelchair which is really a walker that converts and did not feel very safe in it. Can’t wait to get the proper one from OT!

Knackered now so resting for rest of day. Mammogram on Friday and that’s my medical week from hell over!!!

Love Pat xxx