Been out. Read about my Margate adventure

Yep out again today, yesterday Heather took me for a picnic sitting in the car in the woods. Today was an adventure I got out of the car, I talked to grown ups and even drank some beer at lunchtime. Read about it here :-

Have a nice day I expect to spend tomorrow in bed. Night folks


Thats brilliant Don,

I bet having a day out and seeing all the wonderful things and good friends in Margate was amazing! especially the seal… I’m sure you’ll feel exhausted for days after but it was worth it.

Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle and Whoof to Frazer

I was knackered today and slept in until two thirty but it was worth it.


Its lovely to hear from you Don, i always love reading your blogs. Lee took me out on Monday, he’s got a few days off and we decided to look for a new bed i’m in terrible pain at night and Lee doesn’t sleep well either…but what a performance we’d done our homework and decided to go to a place called stokers its been a family business for years… but unfortunately when we got there the beds were all upstairs and the lift was broken…we debated what to do as its hard enough getting out, so because it wasn’t busy me and Frazer crawled up the stairs while two strong men carried the chair up and the reverse on the way down…its soo heavy with the batteries, they’d offered to carry me up, but thankfully i’m good at crawling and being Monday the place was virtually empty… anyway we’ve ordered a bed so it was worth it …Iv’e lost all sense of embarrassment i just tell myself if anyone stares that I’ll probably never see them again.

Michelle and Frazer xx

Michelle it’s other people’s problem, you have enough to cope with and cannot take their stupidity on. And I bet Frazer loved it he will still be doing doggie smiles about his mum crawling up the stairs, he is proud of his brave mum.

Glad you got a new bed, I recently got a hospital bed, it bends and moves every which way and makes my life easier.

I have an electric wheelchair which I use mainly indoors, it weighs thirteen and a half stone and even so I have managed to tip it over twice outdoors

XXX Don and shoot for Frazer

Oops predictive text I meant whoof it’s illegal to shoot grand dads and Frazers we are both allergic to it.

Thanks Don, we knew what you meant, Frazer says woof woof! and i say thank you for your kind words…Me and Frazer we are a team when i’m with him i don’t care what people think…although i’m sure most people are kind, but on my own i couldn’t do it .,…Lee suggested that perhaps since the lift was broken it might be easier to leave Frazer in the car…and when my tears started he quickly changed his mind…i can’t tell you why Frazer makes such a difference to me but when he’s attached to my chair a miracle happens…and i go from being disabled to being a super hero…i even find that i can look people in the eye and have intelligent conversations and i have to confess that i struggled with that before being in a wheelchair.

Anyway less about me…Its brilliant reading your bloggs and you are a true inspiration.

Michelle and Frazer xx