Day out with Frazer

I had a brilliant day out with Frazer yesterday, its funny but i had been feeling so worn out and low that when Ben my 18 year old son asked if we could go clothes shopping for uni i nearly said no… but i’m glad that I didn’t,… so me and Frazer and Ben caught the train…i’m getting so much better at getting my chair into the tight disability spot, and the guards are brilliant they are so friendly and helpful…much better than the bus drivers, Bens so lovely to be with when he’s happy…he has aspergers and suffers from a lot of anxiety and ocd, but today was a good day for him …we walked round Primark and visited Costa, Frazer was given the royal treatment he drank his water out of a huge coffee cup…I just hoped none of he customers had a phobia over a dog drinking from one of the cups, but the Costa manager liked Frazer and insisted. Then it was my turn,… we went to Lush…it was like Paradise!.. all those wonderful smells its like my version of Charlies chocolate factory …it smells so good that you’d almost believe it was edible. There are even soaps in the shape of Blackpool rock , that smell like you could take a bite…Frazer was delighted with his highly sensitive nose he sniffed everything he could and i even caught him having a secret munch on something under the table!.. and as we left the shop armed with all of our treats we all had a glow…a shimmering film of fairy dust (glitter) covered mine Bens and Frazers faces . We fed the pigeons at the Cathedral, and caught the train home. Today i’m exhausted but kind of euphoric.


Hello Michelle.

That sounds like a day and a half. Was it Chester? I always find getting out of the house a bit of an effort. Despite the best of intentions, there’s always a little voice saying “no something might happen.” It’s best to ignore the voice, knowing that the feeling of satisfaction or even elation when you return home, is truly unbeatable.

You are a true MS warrior.

Best wishes, Steve x.


sounds like it did you the world of good,well done for making yourself go,thats the haardest part isnt it?

J x

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Hi Michelle

So glad you had a fantastic day, there’s not like nosing around a few shops to put a smile on our faces.

Even the fatigue for the next day or so can’t stop that feeling of europhia, so glad you enjoyed your day.

Lovely day here today, so this morning mmyy hubby and I ventured into our little town, bit of window shopping, coffee and a pasty, and back home. Might not sound much to some folk, but it was perfect for us.

Feet up now and a cupppa…I am so easily pleased! Lol

Pam x

Hi, Steve

Yes it was Chester, we used to go loads but not as often now i’m in a wheelchair…but i love it there, its full of History, but you are right its the what ifs that always put me off, you are meant to book train assistance 24 hours ahead, i can never do that because I just don’t know how I’ll feel on the day… so have to be spontaneous …I really do belive that a lot of what i’m able to do now is because of having Frazer, I think he’s made such a difference to my life…I would have never thought that having an assistance dog would have helped me so much.

Still not got an official diagnosis so… Wheelchair warrior will do…Thanks Steve

Michelle x

Thanks Mrs J…Thats it I made myself go… i didn’t want to disappoint Ben.

Michelle x

Thanks Pam, I’m completely wiped today but happy

I’m glad that you had a nice day with your Hubby, theres nothing like a bit of window shopping to lift your spirits.

Michelle x

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Well done to all of you. Sound like it was a good day. XXX Don