Had a good day

I’ve had a good day today, been out shopping with Frazer ( assistance dog] a bit of retail therapy and i feel amazing my friend took me looking around the charity shops in Northwich, we haven’t been since before I was in a wheelchair it took ages to look around everyone stopped us to stroke Frazer but for the first time in ages I held my head up high, its amazing how much having him has given me my confidence back.

I hope everyone in the group is okay, i’ve started doing a bit of voluntary work, nothing too much… but it stops me thinking too much, i felt that i was sinking into a depression, so i’m a bit happier for now

Take care everyone Love Michelle x

Hello Michelle.

It’s brilliant to read something positive. I’m always trying to think of new ways to boost our confidence. Being realistic and good planning are essential factors but when it results in a good day, it’s a bit priceless. Frazer (and a good friend as well) must be a real benefit for you. The last time I was in Northwich was for the wedding of a friend from College (I went to Chester). I had to be up outrageously early the next day to climb Snowdon-that dates it.

Best wishes, Steve.

Hello Steve,

I live in Frodsham its a little village not far from Chester, was it a long time ago that you were in Chester? I bet you have happy memories from Climbing Snowdon , a good friend of mine writes books about climbing he covers Snowdon, he’s called Carl Rodgers and is quite famous for his books. Do you get out much now Steve, you are probably not still climbing? do you have a scooter or wheelchair? Once you get used to it you can still have loads of fun it took me a while to get used to it but i’m starting to live again! you just have to change your outlook don’t you.

Michelle x

Hi Michelle,Great to hear your feeling positive, love nothing more than the feel good factor.

Pauline xx

Hi Michelle,

your assistance dog Frazer sounds like hes such a tonic for you,

bet you love him…and who wouldnt, they make such loyal friends dont they.

J x

Michelle it’s great to read about your good day and the fact that you’re feeling a lot more positive. Voluntary work makes me feel better too, just the three hours a week in a charity shop makes my week. Loads of lonely people come in just to have someone who smiles, says hello and just asks how they are makes such a difference to them and makes me feel a bit useful again. Keep it up.

Cath x

Thanks for your message Cath. I think helping other people helps us it stops us from feeling totally useless and needy. there are loads of people who are lonely like you said and its good to be able to make a difference.

Take care Michelle x

Hello Mrs J,

Yes, Frazers brilliant, he often comes with me in Boots the chemist, they absolutely love him… on Thursday we went picking a new lipstick for me he’s so good just sits patiently while i choose and often can pick up things from the lower shelves. he’s good at getting tins or dropped items in Morrisons. I love him so much, iv’e gone from hardly getting out to going all over the place, we went on a bus last week he was so good but i need to practice this a bit more its quite hard getting into the disabled space and i got stuck coming off, the buses are are so narrow and the foot rests from my chair stick out.

Take care Michelle x

That.s great news Michelle and I am wondering if Frazer linked all the attention? I doubt it dogs never like people making a fuss of them do they?

Keep happy and keep safe.

X Don

Thanks Pauline, i’m feeling a lot better, its made a difference doing the volunteer work.

I always feel good if iv’e made the effort to get out i went out yesterday with a blanket and a hot water bottle i bet i look strange some days, but it was so cold so i was glad that i was well wrapped up you can’t be vain in this weather!

Michelle x

Hi, Don,

He absolutely loves the attention, its funny because it says “Do not distract” on his coat but loads of people want to stop and stroke him , I don’t mind if they ask first, but i have to be careful he’s a working dog and has to help me, so its not great if i’m trying to get through a door.

Michelle x

Hello Michelle, I’ve just sent you a PM about Frodsham.

I get out quite a bit on my scooter. It’s an all terrain thing so I can do quite a lot of off road stuff. It was really good for last year’s holiday in Wales.

Do you know the old Frodsham alphabet? I can use the definition of K to describe myself.

Best wishes, Steve.