Day out

I’m on my way to Bolton with Frazer, we are having a fun day seeing my mother in law . I’m still on the train Frrazer is loving all of the attention, hes just eaten a load of doggy treats kindly provided by a lovely lady sat near us. I love going on the train, People are so kind, the guards are lovely too. I miss driving but I’ve loved the different ways of getting about. It’s a lovely sunny day and I feel happy and so does Frazer. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Enjoy your day out Michelle


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The train is good. Especially for Frazer.

I’m still staring out of the window in splendid isolation worried about catching the infections which I’m prone to-doctors’ “suggestions”. Have a good time.

x woof.

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Hi Michelle

Hope you have a great day out, you deserve it.

Pam x

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