On the train

Iv’e been on the train. Yesterday myself and Molly 13 year old daughter and Frazer (assistance dog) went on the train to Chester, What an adventure!!! I’m so pleased with my self for finally doing it.

I rang train travel assistance the night before and had the VIP treatment the guards were brilliant, they were ready with the ramp, helped with Molly, she’s Autistic and helped with the wheelchair and Frazer it wasn’t half as bad as i thought, it was quite funny on the train… Molly being Autistic talks to anybody she’s such a comic but if people don’t realise she’s got special needs they can be quite shocked, she likes to know everyting about everybody and has a loud voice, but every one was fine with her, i find having the dog with me people are a lot nicer.

So after plenty of retail therapy looking around Primark and having lunch in Macdonalds, and only one tricky incident when Frazer decided that the cash machine was the perfect place to poo! We survived! and had a wonderful time. (resting today)

Take care everyone

Michelle x

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Well done you, I haven’t braved a train with my wheelchair yet but I gather from your post and others on the same topic that it’s really quite easy with the assistance given. I’m driving to Shrewesbury soon I might just check out the trains to see how many changes and what the cost is first.

Jan x

Well done Michelle. Sounds like you had a lovely day out, I’m really pleased for you. Posts like yours give us the encouragement to get out too and show us that life still can be really good and independence is possible for those of us who aren’t as mobile as we used to be. You’ve definitely reassured me, thanks for sharing that with us.

Cath x

Well done Michelle!

That was very brave of you! Sounds as though you had a wonderful time! I’m sure you’ll need a massive rest after that but you must feel incredibly proud of yourself!

Nina x

Oh Michelle I haven’t been to Chester since May of 2003. It was absolutely heaving. They were not letting cars in but I flashed the blue badge and had to crawl through the milling crowds to go and stay at The Blossoms. I’ve spent a fair bit of time waiting for an 8.30 ish train at that lonely little station as well-car or not I still had to go and teach there.

Still, getting out and telling us about it is one of the best ways of getting the good vibes across the forum.

Best wishes, Steve x.

Well done taking the train. I am envious I am not brave enough to think about even trying.

Thanks Hoppity, not sure if its brave…maybe a little crazy?? but cos iv’e got children life has to go on, I think iv’e developed more confidence since doing the voluntary work, its really pushed me out of my comfort zone, i just have to be careful that i don’t overdo things, a couple of weeks ago i felt so sick and exhausted, but i am learning to pace myself and if i do anything big plan every detail and rest for 3 days afterwards… Sad i used to be so spontanious never planned things just did them.

Michelle x

Hi, Steve, Chester is still busy …i do love it though, its so historical… Iv’e not been for ages, i think i’m just getting my personality back i was always up for an adventure and took the children all over the place, I just have to go at a slower pace, doing the voluntary work this month has really pushed me out of my comfort zone…I have to think that the wheels are my legs and try to enjoy doing things again …its funny you know when i put the chair on full speed it feels like i’m running!

Michelle x

Thanks Nina…Brave, i’m not sure…Maybe a little crazy??? but it was fun

The Assistance is brilliant Jan, but maybe take a friend along with you as well the first time

Hope Shrewsbury goes well

Michelle x

Aw, Thanks Cath, its not easy is it? I must admit i am still on a high from doing it…But so tired

Michelle x

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I’m dead impressed, Michelle, I wouldn’t dare do that. You must have an amazing sense of achievement! And now you know you can do it, and how to use the train travel help, you’ll be able to do it again with confidence. Brilliant!

Kev x