On the train

I’ve also posted this on the everyday living forum because that’s exactly what it’s related to.


After doing a lot of train travel, I’m beginning to forget that I’m in a wheelchair. Or at least it becomes a less significant factor. Even the uneasiness of a new journey faded as has the toilet anxiety. This is my Monday if you wish to read it. Thankfully my brother is out of hospital now.


Oh Steve you have my total admiration, I take my hat off to you. The heat over the weekend nearly finished me off, so a train journey and no air conditioning would definitely had put the last nail in the box!

I hope your brother is improving well and has a speedy recovery. Probably time for you to rest now, but I understand that to not see him would have made matters worse, at least now you have piece of mind.

Take care

Pam x

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Steve , I loved it …I could visualize the oversized people with their unruly children. I love the trains it’s such an adventure. I’m glad your brothers getting better. Michelle and Frazer xx

I’m relieved to hear your brother is doing ok, wishing him a speedy recovery.

You’re right, a combo of just two or more of those things can mess up even the best laid plans. Sorry but I skipped the quote as the text is a bit too dense for my silly eyes, your thoughts were a good read tho smiley

Sonia x

Pleased to hear you brother is out of hospital, I hope he continues to improve.

Nina x