Train journeys


After doing a lot of train travel, I’m beginning to forget that I’m in a wheelchair. Or at least it becomes a less significant factor. Even the uneasiness of a new journey faded as has the toilet anxiety. This is my Monday if you wish to read it. Thankfully my brother is out of hospital now.


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Sex toys monthly …you made that up right?! Steve I love how you see the world nothing escapes your notice! I like the term lass it’s better than wench I could picture the people so well from the vivid descriptions! Glad Phil is out of hospital now ! Keep up the cattle and white knuckle rides


I was exhausted just reading your hot Monday journey. You have my unstinting admiration.

Very pleased your brother is out of hospital.


wonderful blog!


i wish i had half ur confidence. i have had some horrendous train experiences and i keep trying again but then something else goes wrong…i will persevere but its getting harder mentally.

good to read about ur adventures and glad bro is out of hosp.