Train travel

There was a bit of a rumble when it was revealed that Govia Thameslink had instructed station staff not to give assistance for wheelchair boarding if it would make the train late. Well, I going from London Bridge to Stevenage on 3rd of July. Let them try. I also believe that station staff work for a different company; Network Rail.

Electric wheelchairs and trains have given me the chance to return to a childhood passion:


thank you Steve that brought back some memories of my own. especially the bit about the sparkling sea on the way to john o’groats. we were driving past thurso with 9 and 10 year old sons. the sea looked so gorgeous that they insisted that we stop. we stopped and before we knew it the boys had run into the sea, fully dressed. the look of pure joy on their faces was the highlight of the week. being a sensible (??) adult i took off my shoes and socks and dipped a toe in. freezing! sheer melted glacier! thanks again

Ah yes, train travel and wheelchairs. I could write a book. You have to plan like a military campaign, turn up early, shout at the naughty ppl that this IS a wheelchair space, yes, look theres a sticker on the window behind you…

If your on XCountry, then god help you, they believe one size fits all. So I can get the chair in, if I remove the joystick, feet and back wheel. All while Mr Big suitcase is trying to get past.

Highlight? Travelling on Virgin, a train was cancelled, so the next was rammed. The staff were Epic, and got me on. I was stuck in the curvy corridor, as were 10 other ppl, the only bright side being, I had a seat with me!!

My Trekinnetic won’t go on train because its 2 inches too wide for the ramp.

On the plus side, a couple of times at Euston, they have put me in 1st class, cuz there were two many wheelchairs. Free drink and all. Not bad!


at first glance i read the title of your post as time travel!

nowt wrong with my eyes it’s just the brain making sense of what i think i see.

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Train travel can feel like time travel. The wait at Euston - you are probably the last off and at the back so a looooong way for the man with the ramp to trundle.

Coach B or D on Virgin west coast. It seems an eternity. At the other end, which for me is Liverpool, it’s the opposite. Sometimes I’ll go 1st class, which is the opposite. You have to pick your times for 1st or it’s too expensive.

I think it’s all part of the game really.

I’m just glad I can do it.