Train journey

HI! Going on my own for the first time to Aberdeen on the train from North Yorkshire next week. Yikes! Taking my scooter and have asked for assistance. Hubbie dropping me off at Station and sister meeting me at the other end. Thankfully, no changes so should be easy. Feeling excited and a bit nervous! Lo ve Spike x


Great that you are going to see your family.

Are you sure there are no changes? Thought that all trains terminated at Waverley? I am probably wrong…

Sorry if am interfering-just wouldnt want u stranded somewhere!

Have a great time!

Ellie x

Hi, I haven’t travelled by train since before I had ms but I can maybe reassure you a bit. I am in Aberdeen, my mum’s 88 year old friend recently travelled by train from Aberdeen to London, she has no problems other than old age, but she got assistance at both ends, they had a wheelchair to help her since it is a long way for someone her age. She said the help was excellent at both ends and she didn’t have to change trains, someone helped her in Aberdeen and then she was ok until getting off in London. I think you will be ok with no changes, if that’s what they say, im certain they do connect right through to Aberdeen. Many years ago, I have travelled from Aberdeen to London and Aberdeen to Newcastle without having to change. Have a great time. Cheryl:)


Thanks Cheryl. Glad u ‘knew’ whereas I was just guessing/concerned

Ellie x

Ellie, you did have me wondering for a minute, lol, actually with these good reports about train travel and assistance I might have to consider using them myself again. Cheryl:)

Hiya again

I have used assistance too. Only one snag that I found-staff helped me right ON to my seat but when I had to get OFF I had to ask train staff to help me-they dont automatically do this. Tho, I am now led to believe that it was station staff (not train staff) that should have came onboard and found/helped me. I havent used it again since but hasnt put me off, I will just check the finer details the next time!

Ellie x

Thanks very much for all your encouraging replies. I’ll check again, when I travel on Monday, about the ‘no changes’ just to be on the safe side! Will let you know how I get on. Let’s hope this train trip will be one of many!! We’ve got to keep going and get about, I just need to build up my confidence now! Love Spike :wink: