day trips

my husband announced that his friend who works for virgin rail has given him a ticket to london euston and an oyster card.

husband has booked a hotel and we are going on tuesday.

i totally appreciate the gesture but i’m concerned about how i will cope.

i don’t have a wheelchair or scooter, just walking sticks.

toilets are also a problem for me.

i have a radar key and know exactly where the disabled loos are in my home town.

i will be taking lots of tena lady pads!

determined that i won’t ruin the trip for us both but if anyone has any advice to ensure that i don’t i will be very grateful.

we are also going to llandudno to stay at a hotel he stayed at when working there.

then scotland (which i love so much).

ireland also maybe.

Hi Carole

I have found that London is Ok for toilets, I haven’t had a problem finding one or using them in a cafe or restaurant. With sticks you will be fine, people are considerate.

The one problem I have found though is the amount of walking needed in the Tube stations. I love London Underground, Mr Val was a train driver, but some of those stations… oh my goodness! Getting round them can be tricky, it can’t all be accessible, it’s just too old and complicated but there are lifts in some. I think you can get information online about accessibility but there are always taxis, I use them a lot to go quite short distances.

Do you know where you will be going when you get here? Whatever you do, have a wonderful time.

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thanks val.

the hotel is fairly close to euston station.

i can’t cope with manchester picadilly station, one of those “oh too much, i’m going to bed!”

will definitely look online about accessibility.

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I always stay near by the big shops… selfridges, Libertys, Fortnum & Mason… for the BEST toilets !!! Or that’s what I tell MrH anyway ;))

Have an amazing time !

Book assistance on the train. Euston is loooooooong platform and there is a helluva lot of walking to do between the carriage door and the underground. If they at least pick you up in the buggy, it will save your legs for the hotel.

There is a radar loo in Euston - normal ones too, charging 30p when last I went. I would hire a manual chair, just for the larger distances you are going to have to travel in a city.

And check TFL website, not all tube stations are step free and I don’t know what you are like on escalators. Research is the key.

That’s very sneaky of you MrsH! lol,

hoping to book for 42 nd Street tomorrow, should manage there and back same day if we do the matinee.

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Try to catch buses rather than tubes Carole. You can still check out bus routes on the tfl website. That way you’re not having to walk down those infernal tube station tunnels.

Mrs H is right about big posh stores having decent loos though.

Pubs also have loos, not of the same class as posh shops, but you are sure to pop into a pub or two!! And even if you don’t intend to buy a drink, you can still avail yourself of their facilities (bit cheeky, but needs must!)

Plan out where you are going and try to do it so there’s as little walking as possible. You can always phone venues in advance for information.

You’ll have a great time. And Mr CWC will look after you.


thank you.

mr cwc doesn’t want me to get support at euston.

he likes to affect a bit of denial about my ms (!!)

so if i slump to the floor, he’ll have to pick me up.

quite honestly dreading it really.

must show willing.

must show gratitude too.

usually the things i dread turn out to be enjoyable.

the things i look forward to turn out to be crap.

llandudno is the next trip, more do-able for me.



Have you tried crutches instead of sticks? They give you more stability and might take a bit of strain off you. I used a stick for a while but remember when I saw someone with a brilliant pink crutch in the supermarket. That was it, I was so envious, I was sold. I came home, searched the web and found Cool Crutches (others are available!) I bought purple crutches. To start with I tended to just use one (plus OHs arm), later used both. They now live in the garage ().

But I would recommend trying them out as better for keeping you upright. And confident that you can go further.

Sue x

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that’s a good idea sue

will have to try them out.

i have some hiking poles which are good because they keep you very upright and looking forward.

just feel a bit silly using them in town.

i’ve been thinking of the places i’d like to see - covent garden for starters.

looking forward to llandudno too.

we might also get a ferry to dublin or belfast.

add a bit of scotland and we’ll have done the 4 corners of the british isles.

Hi Carole, if you get to Llandudno check out the little train that runs round. Last time I went (and I always park at West Shore) the little train stops there then runs in to Llandudno for about two pound. I am not sure if it runs during the colder months. I found it wonderful as I had a great day out but then just well, stopped. I struggled to where the train stops near the pier side and it bobbed me back to West Shore. There is also a cafe and loos here, lots of parking next to the sea for anyone who is driving and public loos that have wide doors.

If you decide to go on the attractions and want to go on the pier, beware that the cablecar and some other things are just up a small bank which beat me last time before I even got up it. Next time I will make sure I know the taxi numbers in case I just get stuck or stop again and need to get back to my car.

I took the train up for a scenic route which was quite amazing last year.

My tip for Llandudno, I start off with all of my support straps on legs, wrists, sticks, back strap etc. Then after a while I find I don’t need them. I think the sea, the air all helps. Then at some point I just need to start putting them on again because I have done too much (easily done there). Layers are better than a heavy coat as even in winter I have had frosty but hot-for-walking days. Nothing worse than trying to carry a really heavy coat round all day.

thank you hebeyellow i have been to llandudno before and hubby has worked there. in fact we are booked into the digs he used when working there. the whole of north wales is worth looking at. portmerion especially. i went to festival number six twice - totally fab! really excited about it all now. got to say though that london euston doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea! covent garden does, the places where arty people go do too. my adventure starts tomorrow so await my review!

Hello Cat

Beware of the buses, yes they save you walking about the undergound but, get stuck in traffic so take a long time to go short distances.


Llandudno is sweet…cable cars, bars, and simply sit on the pier and watch everyone go by. There is an art gallery by the station with good, loos a cafe and a lift.

and in convent garden, jump on a rickshaw, although pricey (haggle hard) a great way to spend an hour.

Warmest thoughts Ali x

Hope your trip to London Town is going well !

hi and thanks for all the tips for the big smoke!

we had a great time, especially yesterday because i insisted that i wanted to walk across the minellium (as victoria wood would say) bridge. that was spectacular, we spent a couple of hours in the tate modern and then sauntered along the embankment, stopping for coffee or beer whenever the opportunity arose.

much nicer than covent garden.

met some nice people too.

llandudno tomorrow and i will be going on the little train!

i can’t believe how far i walked on my spazzy legs!

I’m so glad you had a good time. The Tate Modern is a pretty good gallery. I remember going in there completely pished with some friends, standing staring at radiators, stroking chins, muttering about ‘the installations’, and falling about laughing. Then going and getting a bit more drunk!!

Did you walk along the South Bank side? That’s where all the best pubs are (IMO).

Takes me back to working in London.

Good old spazzy legs. Glad they held you up. And I hope you’re not too knackered for the next day trip.

Have fun in Llandudno.

Sue x