Hi, We plan to visit London in a few weeks time, we will stay in the centre , near the London eye, will have the car but won’t use it while there. Just looking for some good ideas of places to visit, preferably wheelchair friendly and suitable for children aged 10 and 7. Don’t mind taking a taxi or the bus. We’ve been to London zoo, natural history museum, science museum, v&a museum and legoland so looking for other ideas. Cheryl:)

Fancy a trip on the river? You can get a boat from Embankment Pier and see the delights of the Capital in leisurely fashion. Heading downriver towards Greenwich and the Flood Barrier is liquid history.

Just in case it’s of interest.

Hi Whammel, that Is a gret idea, so great that we did that in the summer when we were there and we had a fab time. But thanks for the suggestion, any other ideas? Cheryl:)

Oh and thanks for the link, away to have a look now. Cheryl:)

When we went we did a taxi tour, as the buses are a no no in a wheelchair. He picked us up from the hotel, asked us where we wanted to finish the tour and were there any things we wanted to see. He did some stops where the kids could stand near soldiers - great fun first them, also went to the globe for me - and got the chair out whenever I wanted to get out. It cost about £100 which for a 3 hour customized tour for the family we thought not bad. The driver/guide was amazing in his helpfulness, understanding and knowledge.

I expect you have done most of the tourist stuff, so how about the Olympic Park. Ok, just a thought.

Hi Cheryl,

Why not try a West End Show the children would like that too. If you have an iPhone there is a London app for accessible places hich should also help.

I hope you have a wonderful time.

;-)))) Mary

Hi, thanks folks, these are all fab ideas, and, yes Mary, someone mentioned that app on here a few weeks ago so I have downloaded it. Cheryl:)

Something I highly recommend that is not widely known is a trip along the canal in a boat from Little Venice to Regent’s Park Zoo. The peace and tranquillity right in the middle of a very busy city is truly fascinating. I believe the barges are specially adapted for wheelchairs but ring up and check first.


How About covent garden lots to see and plenty of space for the kid to run of some energy.


Accessible London

Inclusive London -loads of listings for places where there is wheelchair access. Imperial War museum is good too.

Internet is amazing.

Jen x