London Olympic Site

Hi, I posted on here a while ago about visiting London and asked for suggestions and you lot gave me some brilliant ideas, so thank you. Now someone suggested visiting the Olympic site, didn’t know you could do that but my family seem quite keen on the idea. Looked online and there are tours, wheelchair accessible too, and we are staying close to where the Olympics will be. Now what I wondered was do you have to go on a tour or can you just wander around the site on your own. Has any one been, is it worth a visit? Thanks Cheryl:-)

You can only visit the Olympic Park by booking an approved tour and wandering around a building site is probably considered a security risk. The locals would have nicked everything not nailed down by now otherwise.

There is a path called “The Greenway” that runs fairly close alongside the stadium, but that’s about as close as you can get. From memory, you can do a virtual tour online and that might give you a better feel of what to expect.

Hi thanks for getting back to me, I think it was you who told me about this in the first place. Yes, I see what you mean now about the tour,well we may well go on the tour, especially if the weather holds up. The reason I asked is that my 7 year old daughter is not very enthusiastic about walking and rather than have her moaning about having to walk and everyone else on the tour having to put up with her complaining that is why I asked if you could go round it on your own. Also if we don’t want to go on the tour we could go on that path that you mention on our own and my family might be happy just to have a look from a distance. I’ll see what everyone says when we get there. Thanks again Cheryl:-)