Olympic events, wheelchair seats

Feel slightly odd posting this when there are so many posts about terrible challenges people are facing - but for anyone well enough to contemplate going to the Olympics, I thought I would post this.

My husband and kids went to the Olympic Park yesterday - I didn’t book to go as I was worried if there would be adequate facilities for wheelchair users. They reassured me I could have gone as there was fast track security lane, plenty of disabled loos and a buggy transporting the wheelchairs to the relevant arena.

On the strength of that I have booked today for my hubby to take me in the wheelie to see handball next week. there is a dedicated phone line to check for wheelchair seats. It is a bit hit and miss (it cut me off twice, once I got a complete novice who couldn’t work the system) but it was worth persevering. The chap I ended up with was so helpful and checked three sports for me (I needed to have a short list of the sports I was interested in - he recalled that some of them had good availability for wheelies). Check on the start times as all the events vary. I found availability in men’s handball and synchronised swimming - there were lots I did not get round to asking about.

Some sports were quite reasonably priced - handball semis started at £20 with carer free. We can stay in park all day. If anyone is near enough to go, this might be of interest.

What a great post! Hope you have a super time when you go.

luv Pollx

Thanks for that. I was turned down for lots of sports in first ballot for wheelchair tickets. They must have found some down the back of the sofa. Hotel booking are no go at such short notice as live 200 miles away. Enjoy the event. Neil

Such an interesting post. Indeed, Olympic Park is very accomodating even you are in wheelchair.