Wheelchair good experience

Hi folks,
Just wanted to share this with you, in case it helps someone out there.
I recently bought a wheelchair. I didn’t do any rersearch, which probably is not a good idea, and I didn’t find out if I could get financial help, because I was pretty sure I wouldn’t qualify. I don’t really need one you see. I can walk, probably quite a distance, but I don’t much because it is painful and exhausting for me. This has been spoiling things for people around me, as I’m always agitating to get back to the car etc. Anyway, I decided I could afford it and I just went ahead and bought one.
I’ve just been on holiday with the family - wife, stepsons, wives and granddaughter - to Centre Parcs. Dunno if you’ve been there, but there’s quite a schlep from your hut to the centre where all restaurants, activities etc. are. My wheelchair got it’s first proper test. It was great! Did everything I wanted. I could push myself or be pushed to the centre and then wasn’t too tired to join in with the fun. I must confess I felt a little like that one off Little Britain when I got out of the wheelchair and did a bit of table tennis, but I really don’t care what anyone thinks - It gave me more freedom and that felt really liberating.
If you, like me, think it’s way too early for a wheelchair, then think about using one occasionally to save your legs. I’m sure others on this forum may have other suggestiuons. All I’m saying is, don’t shy away from trying stuff that might help you. Maybe try one out at a supermarket or garden centre (you can borrow theirs) to see what you think. For me it was a good experience, and I’m glad I can bung it in the car boot when we go somewhere.
One thing I did notice - When my wife pushed me up to the desk and I spoke to order tickets for the table tennis, the girl behind the counter replied to my wife, not me. I guess that was a “Does he take sugar?” moment. Didn’t bother me though, I was happy with the whole thing.
Have a good rest of the week everyone.

This is a really fab post!

Lots and lots of us find ourselves at the crossroads of should I/shouldnt I go for wheels?For some it can be a terrifying, oris it the beginning of the end?` feeling.

Whenever I see such posts, I try to help people see the pros for getting their first set of wheels.

Having been a full time wheelie for 9 yrs or so, I know the benefits. I also know the cons, but that`s for another time. Meanwhile you go to all the fun places you like and knowing you have the option of a wheelie, will make those times even more fun!

luv Pollxx


Another person who knows that “end up” and “wheelchair” don’t belong in the same sentence.

Thanks for sharing your positive experiences Dave.


Yes, can I add my thanks too Dave. I’m a recent full time wheelie but now I have experienced the freedom it’s given me I really wish I had done it ages ago on a part time basis like you to stop me missing out on things. At the end of the day, rather like a car, it’s just a tool to get us from A to B! Thanks for sharing your positive experience. xx


We had a family holiday in Orlando over Easter. We’d been there before but I was anxious about this holiday as this was probably the first time that my increased immobility (I use 2 crutches to walk) would possibly have been an issue. Over the holiday, I used either wheelchairs or scooters to get around the parks and it was brilliant. At all the rides we skipped the queues as staff were very quick to put us to the front of the queue or down the fastpass line. All the shopping malls had complementary wheelchairs which sorted out my mobility (but not my boredom, but that’s another story).

We’ve been before to Center Parc and the last trip 2 years ago was difficult and I’m worse since then. We’re going again later in the year and my wife has already booked a scooter. The kids love Center Parc as do I but things can be a fair hike and I really couldn’t manage without some sort of wheelie help.


I’m the same as you, I can walk, although not too far without getting utterly exhausted. So I quite often use my chair and still amazes me how much more I can get done, or go, or have fun when in it.

If I go shopping for example, I can go to one shop, then it’s back to the car really rotten. In my chair I can go to 2, 3, 4 or more shops!! Love it!!

I do get a bit embarrased though if people can see me walking. I know I shouldn’t, I need to get over that bit.

Last year, me and my husband took our grandson to the Blue Planet Aquarium. It was an awful experience for me. I struggled walking around the vast place, plus the aquariums made me so dizzy! I was crying half way round it. So next time, I am going in my chair. We are also planning a vist to Chester Zoo soon, in my chair. There is no way on earth I could do it walking! Usin a chair can open so many doors for us!!


Lovely positive replies from everyone.

Remember, have wheels WILL travel.

luv Pollx