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Sports stadia and accessa


I am interested in hearing your stories re access to watching major events as a disabled person. So I’m thinking of Wimbledon, Wembley, Lords, Oval, Stadium of Light (to see Bruce S), O2, theatres, cinemas etc

I run website and I want to publish a series of blogs about each place, I have already done Wimbledon but more comments welcome. Type of info will include ease to get tickets as a disabled person, facilities, could you see? parking, access, toilets blah blah blah.

I don’t get out much, running website takes a lot of time and I cannot drive so no experience of anywhere except Wembley stadium and arena & O2.

Obviously no names but what you write might be quoted on website. I need to know stadium, your reaction and why and possibly the sporting event

I look forward to hearing your views


I am going to watch some Olympic football at the Millenium stadium soon. I’ll let you know about all things access when I get back.

We are going by car from Bristol. I know we’ll have the bridge fee waived thanks to my disabled blue badge.

We should have a disabled parking space - I’ll tell you how that works as well as my experiences in the stadium. I don’t use a wheelchair, but do use a stick, but I’ll try and report on that too!

I can comment on Wembley.

I attended the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final in 2011 as a self propelled wheelchair user.and big Rugby league fan.

78500 people attended.

I bought the tickets over the phone from the RFL after the semifinals. The process was simple and car parking was purchased at the same time for dedicated blue badge holder spots.

On the day access to the car parking was well signposted and I was parked 50 meters from the entrance.

I got a lift from the car park to the entrance gates. I feel these can get busy but as early arrivees i had no problems.

Wheelchair access through the entrance was easy as a gate was opened for wheelchair and carer.

The view from my spot was magnificant and even with people in front standing I had an unobstructive view. I felt part of the crowd as i wasn’t isolated from other fans.

Leaving at the end was straightforward, back to a lift and down to the car park. The exit was not obstructed by pedestrians and it was straight into joining the traffic.

I hope that thishelps.



Thanks for the replies to Neil, EllenC and Mike.

Keep an eye on the website, I will try to put up a blog each week is t0he place to go to see what blogs have been put up on the website