On a lighter note.


Just wondering if anyone is going to the Olympics? I am going to the women’s 100 ms finals. I can’t wait.


Adrian :wink:

Hi Bangorlad

Iam not going to the olympics but will enjoy watching them on tv . Have a great time there .

When is it? Hopefully I will be away when it’s on. Not my thing.

Going to the 1/4 finals of the football! Chis

Hi Adrian,

Yes, I’m going with my family. Tennis, Athletics and men’s volleyball (do they wear skimpy clothing like the girls?) We’re seeing Jessica Ennis in two events.

Just got myslef a folding walking stick as have problems with my walking and it may help get me a seat on the tubes, and a lift in the mini buses that run from Stratford to the Olympic Park. (you can’t book, just turn up)

Luckly seats are near the entrance and nearest to Stratford station.

Getting really excited as saw the torch last month.

Hope you have a great time.


Cool. Same to you Jen. Really wanted to get tickets for men’s 100m but the women’s is going to be just as good.

It really nice to have something to look foward to. Have fun. :slight_smile: