london marathon

Hello everybody!

My name is Teresa and i was diagnosed with MS 12 years ago.

My brother will be running the Virgin London Marathon on 23rd April this year.

He is training hard and i am trying to get some sponsorship for him.

Any donations would be gratefully received.

He has a just giving page - Paul Reynolds - Virgin London marathon.

Please Please support him - as he is a great support to me.

many thanks. xxx

Good luck to your brother

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Good luck from me too.


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Good luck from me.

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Thanks folks I’m hoping some really nice, well off people read this and send him some cash!

It’s worth a try!

We are up to £420 so far.

I’m trying my best to raise as much as possible as i’m the one who persuaded him this was a good idea!

His aching muscles from training are telling him otherwise!

My fantastic brother has completed London the marathon for the MS Society.

I am so proud of you bro!

You are amazing!! First ever marathon - you have done brilliantly!

Raising around £1,800.

Well done!!!


Hooray, whoop whoop, congratulations and thank you to Treeks wonderful brother.

And to all the other fabulous runners for the MSS and other brilliant causes. They’ve done phenomenally well.

Pre MS I could barely run for a bus. So I know I could never have done it.


Respect to Treek’s brother.

In my teens I was a sprinter - even winning at regional level once, but 100 yds was my limit, distance running was something else entirely.


My speciality was about 5 yards

I think I’ll enter the fall, trip race. Fell over on Wednesday and damaged metatarsal so foot now in Boot and swelling nicely.


oh Margaret! That sounds so painful hun. Take it easy love.


I will thanks Poll, I’ll have to put more tonic in the Gin or is it put more Gin in the tonic?

Take care .

M x

My niece did her first marathon yesterday, age 49!!! Whooo whooooooop!

She raised 4k for children`s cancer. She is a staff nurse at the Royal Marsden cancer hospital in London.

She`ll see so many sad stories we never have to. Bless her. and all the others who ran it too!


Hi there,

As the marathon was on 23rd April so I am interested to know the result of the marathon.