London Marathon/MS Society

Hello everyone

My wonderful daughter, Steph, is running the London Marathon at the end of April for the MS Society. If anyone would like to sponsor her, there is a link below to her JustGiving Page which she set up last night. Her goal is £2000, so as Tesco say, ‘every penny helps’.

We all know what it is like to live with MS, the emotional issues of coping with the condition and the struggle to get our bodies to do what they can. We all miss our pre-MS lives and hope that investment into research will result in new treatments and perhaps even a cure in years to come. So any money she raises will contribute to the future, as well as to the support the Society provides to us today.

Steph has been by my side for so many years, helping and encouraging me when I feel down. So I am really proud that she is running to help the MS Society and all those, who like me, have to live with MS day by day. She ran a half Marathon for the Society when still at Uni and was so thrilled when the Society offered her a place to run for them in the London Marathon this year. It is going to take a lot of determination and tough training in the next few weeks and I love her to pieces for accepting the challenge.

If you would like to sponsor Steph, here is the link, which I hope works for you:-

many thanks for reading this


Hi Steph,

Good luck just donated, I remember the days when I could run miles. Take care.

kielyn x

Hi Kielynuk,

It is Steph here, I am visiting Mum for dinner and she kindly showed me what she had written and your message. Thank you so very much for sponsoring me, it means a lot. I am equally as nervous as I am excited for the challenge and grateful to be able to accept the challenge.

The MS Society means a huge amount to me and has supported both me and Mum over the years.

All the very best,


Thanks Kielyn, Steph much appreciates your support. She’s recently joined a running club in the town in which she lives. To show you how enthusiastic she is to do her best on the day, she went for the first time last night and ran around the running track with other club members, as the snow was falling heavily all around.

She will do her best to raise much needed funds for the Society.


Hello - not long now to the London Marathon.

My husband, family, some friends and I are going down to London to see Steph and all the other runners participate. Steph is nearly up to her target of £2,000 as an MS Superstar with a few promises from her company and acquaintances still to materialise. It is not too late to contribute, if you would like to. See the link in my first post.

With their efforts, and the support of those who sponsor them, let’s hope much needed funds can be raised and progress be made to curing and preventing this horrible condition.

All the best to the runners (nearly 300 of them I understand) whoever you are … and thanks for your efforts!


Hello, just to update you following the weekend, Steph completed her first Marathon on Sunday in 4 hours 12 minutes …. and apart from experiencing a bit of pain in one hip during the run and having two blisters, was in remarkably good condition, and highly elated, when she finished. She thoroughly enjoyed it and wants to put her name in for next year’s now! Furthermore she has raised at least £2800 for the MS Society, with sponsorship money still coming in and her company has also promised a sizeable sum so she will reach well over £3000. I’d never been to the Marathon before, so it was quite an exciting experience for us too. The enthusiasm of the crowds and the general goodwill made the day a very happy and memorable one and we were very proud of Steph. The MS Society had their base at the Institute of Civil Engineers in Great George Street, Westminster, and they made a big fuss of their runners as they completed the course and turned up to meet friends and family. They fed the runners, offering them showers and massages, and family and friends got a welcome cup of tea and biscuits. Steph was very happy with the support the Society gave her during the run up to the day. all in all it was a great day and thank you to those who sponsored her. Mouse


Well done Steph its great to have people like you doing a great job to fund raise for the MS society. Kielyn x

Well done to Steph, i didn’t see this til now so have just donated a little to it.