Please donate - ms society raising money and awareness

Hi everyone, Thought I would share with you that Dr Nicholas (ms specialist) who I’m sure many of you may know or would have heard of- is running the London marathon on 21st April for the ms society. Thought that people may want to donate as its going to a cause that will help us all. I’ve attached the link below - remember every penny raised goes straight to the ms society.

I’ve never met the man, but have only ever heard brilliant things about him. I’ll gladly donate something. Karen x

Thanks Karen - trying to get some sponsorship for him as I think he’s amazing to do it for the ms society

The Barts people all do this sort of thing too (I sponsored Prof G last year). We do bash neuros on here at times, but some of them are really amazing people.


Donated…thanks for sharing. Xx

Thanks for the donations I’m sure that the ms society is grateful for any money that is raised

Definitely, he’s been my neuro for a few years and is a complete star.