Are there any athletes and competitors - from any nation - at the forthcoming 2012 Paralympics who have MS that me and my family can support and cheer on? I’ve tried googling it, looked on BBC & C4 websites but to no avail. One of yous guys will know, thats’ for sure…


Stephanie Millward (GB) is in the 400m Freestyle, 100m Butterfly swimming events as per MS Matters magazine.


Sorry Gerryy don’t know, but can give some advice. I went to the Olympics and the volunteers (I called them happy purple people) were amazing and so helpful.

Bought myself a stick to help with walking and balance - it was my ticket to help. Was guided to the nearest

scanner, put in the slow lane away from the masses walking to the park. There were disability buggies to borrow and

lots of little golf buggies that held about 8 people that worked like buses dropping off and picking up at regular stops around the park.

When I got off at the stadium there were people with wheelchairs offering to take me wherever I wanted to go.

Couldn’t praise the organisation highly enough.

I’m sure it will all be in place for the paralympics too. As a paralympics ad on tv said ‘thanks for the warm up act’

believe they have sold loads of tickets - good luck to everyone.

Have fun, Jenny xx

I cant wait, just wanted to put my bit in. I think the paralympics demonstrate the extra effort the disabled athletes have to put in, not that the other olympians didnt, its just when one is either born or acquires a disease any effort takes twice as much effort especially to compete in physical sport.

Roll on 29th August eh.




Glad to read your comments. It gladdens the heart to hear positive things being said about the Olympics. For too long we have been guided (by the media, in all its’ forms) to focus on the negative, especially where the Olympics are concerned. I didn’t go to the Olympics, nor will I make to the Paralympics as I live near Glasgow. But I am now looking forward to the Commonwealth Games in 2014 even more. I watched loads of it on the telly and plan on doing the same with the Paralympics. I just thought it would be good to cheer someone - anyone - on who has MS. I like how you called your stick your ‘ticket’. I bought a stick in spring last year for a similar reason. I was going to the Scottish Cup Final and was very apprehensive about getting up and down stadium steps. Having the stick helped greatly and it does make others give me the space I need to move around. I don’t need the stick all the time but if I am going to be on my feet for long periods or be in places where there are a lot of people, it is a godsend.