Olympic torch

I have promised the kids that we will watch the torch go past tonight then go to the party afterwards but I’m regretting it now!
Have just found out there will be 24000 people at the party and a lot of standing around, think tomorrow will. E a bad day.
Still I promised the kids and they are desperate to see twist and pulse so can’t go back on it now.
Wish me luck lol

lol didnt know any one else on here was from york. I decided against going because id already herd how many people were going. I didnt like big crouds before MS and i realy realy dont like them these days good luck tho hope you have fun

Hello fellow Yorkie. It wasnt too bad really we watched the torch go past on tad rd then went to the racecourse. It was packed but we stayed at one side and it wasnt too bad most people were crammed in near the stage. we saw 2 bouncing dots which were twist and pulse and 1 moving dot which was katy b apparently!
All in all not too bad and the kids loved it

I saw it go by in Telford and had a similar 'not too bad' experience. I think it's different because everyone is kind of standing still. Walking through a busy high-street or a moving crowd - even a supermarket, that can be challenging, but somehow it was quite easy to stand and watch the torch go by :)