West Yorkshire Meetup

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to post on here a Meetup event that will be held in really comfortable surroundings that is the Village Hotel in Tingley on the 4th December at 10:45. If there is any chance that any of you could come then please join my group by visiting our website http://www.meetup.com/Break-FREE-from-the-Conformity-of-MS/ or by sending me an email to mikebrodiems@gmail.com

We want our group to be different and inclusive which makes you feel that you belong and are a part. We have 5 members on the books at the moment with 3 of us, including myself, attending on the 4th.

I simply will not allow our group members to leave a Meetup and feel worse than what they did when arriving which happened just about everytime I attended a MS group and hence why I haven’t been to one for years and years. We will be proactive and eventually have lots of things planned… speakers, events, product demonstations etc etc.

I really need people like Helen who often ski, sail, does pilates whilst being SPMS!! The lady is amazing and will be an inspiration for me and everyone else in our exclusive group.

If you are miserable then don’t bother getting in contact but if you are miserable and want to be cheared up and make yourself smile then… GET IN CONTACT AND JOIN US http://www.meetup.com/Break-FREE-from-the-Conformity-of-MS/
and Break Free from the Conformity of MS

X Mike Brodie

Hi Mike sorry to be on a negative but Im a little disturbed by the comment “If you are miserable don’t bother getting in contact”

Im in quite a bit of pain and feeling miserable and there is nothing I would like more than to be rid of this pain and not be miserable.

Enjoy your meet up

i totally agree with you i felt the same way.

Hi <ike, id really love to be there but working til 11 so cant get there till 11.15 ish

I would love to come but unfortunately i have something else on that morning, maybe next time Barbara.xx

Would love to come. I am very determined to be positive having just been diagnosed after a 6 day cycle to Devon (I was in support car) to raise £16,000 for ms research. Just in process of some heavy steroid treatment for relapse but if I can drive will be there… Please add me to your list sounds like fun …

Hey Kimbo - I really do take your point but you didn’t mention the line after where I said if you are miserable then join us to be cheered up.

I had a terrible day today being full of cold I fell on the bedroom floor and couldnt get up - I screamed for my wife to get me a bottle as I was about to wee myself. I got it just in time but it took me 2 hours befor I managed to get up onto the seat!

I certainly wasn’t in a good mood with all the stress of this morning but hey ho… you know I can’t always be negative and miserable and thats why I need to laugh at my self sometimes. When I am a bit short and moody I wouldn’t want to invite myself to a Meetup but having experianced just about every emotion in the 14 years since diagnosis then I would like to think I’m in a good position to try and cheer others up by creating something different to whats there already.

Please don’t take my comments to heart but I am a no bull kind of man and ONLY want to make a difference by helping others which inturn will help myself.

IF you do live in West Yorkshire then why not join my web group and be able to keep in touch

Hello Mike,

Unfortunately I live no where near West Yorkshire, if I did I would have loved to have come. Hope you get a large turn out.