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Hi all,

My name is Emma (aka Forest). Last year I was dx’ed with MS, and have recently been told that it is highly active RRMS for which I am now awaiting further tests before starting treatment. This has already led to a load of changes for me (career, family, outlook on life…) and I’m really trying to get my head around it all atm. Anyhow, I thought it would be good to meet other people who have MS, make new friends, get out and about, and get a new perspective on things. I’m in the Southampton area, and whilst I know that there is a local MS group, I believe that they only really meet for physio and alike, which I currently don’t need. So I was wondering if anybody (or several people) would like to just meet up for a coffee and good old chin wag?

Many thanks,

Emma (Forest) x

Hi Emma, I`m not in your area, but I just wanted to say what a great attitude you have!

Im sure people will want to meet up and youll enjoy making new pals.

luv Polllx

Thanks Pollx

Go for it Forest! Would happily meet up but am in the Midlands…sorry! Hope you make loads of new friends. Have fun! xx

Have you a local m,s centre? You might be able to approach them hun. I’m from preston so no where near you hun or would have gladly met up with you x

I do, but they only meet for treatment/physio and not socially, so I thought I’d arrange something myself x

What a great idea! I wish I were near you :frowning:

Hi Emma I’m in Hertfordshire which is no help! I’m afraid. Maybe there are members of your local group who’d love to meet up for a coffee and chat but are shy of suggesting it themselves? Hope you get some local answers Jane xx

I think it sounds like a great idea but not in your area either. Im a Midlander! I havent seen anything more social by me either! I think you might be on to something Emma xx

Excellent idea Jane

Thanks for the suggestions

Hi again all,

I’ve now made a Facebook Group for anybody interested in the idea of meeting up with other MSer’s in or around their area (also open to carers / family and friends). It’s called Multiple Sclerosis UK - Meet Up. It’d be nice to see some of you there!!

All the best,

Forest (Emma) x

Hi Emma, I would like to join but can’t find? L x

Hi L,

Here’s the link -

Emma x