Hi... from Newbury

Hi… I’ve just joined the group here from Newbury… I’m male and in my 40s and was looking to know if anyone on here is from around the Newbury or Oxford area that meet up regularly/occasionally?

One of the things I struggle with is the lack of meeting up not just of like minds to discuss what I am going through but also physically interacting with people going through this as well of people around my age

If you are aware of anything I would be really interested in knowing…



Hi Ave

I’d get in touch with your local branch of the MS Society, as they may have something you could go to. Ask your MS nurse if they know of anything too - one of my MS nurses started up a monthly meet-up at a pub, and I met some good friends through that.


Thanks Dan… will do!



i started a facebook group for people with ms who would like to meet up for lunch every month.

it has worked out quite well so far.

it is important to meet with the rest of the tribe!

carole x

Hi Ave,

Sorry you’ve had to join us but lots of good advice on this site.

On home page, or top of this page, go to CARE AND SUPPORT

One option is Local support. Put your postcode in and see if anything happens in your area.

As one advert line goes ‘it’s good to talk’

Keep well.