I want to meet someone else my age with MS !

Hey everyone !

i have been diagnosed a year and a half, I’m female and 26 and live in the Birmingham area. I really want to meet other women like me around my age to talk to about MS! I’m a positive person and doing nursing training at the moment. Anyone who wants to talk about MS / how they’re coping (not coping)/ people who want support / friendship/ to rant/ share experiences / or just talk please message me :slight_smile:

Love Rosie :slight_smile: xxx

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Take a look at the “near me” facility and see if the support contacts are any use.

Failing that 404: This page could not be found tend to have a lot of younger members.


Hello Rosie, I live in Birmingham & I had to take early retirement in 2008 due to being diagnosed with RRMS which has now progressed to SPMS. I also worked as a nurse but I am significantly older than you being 51 years old. A lot has happened to me since I developed MS which has changed my outlook on life considerably.

As you are aware nurses do not get paid a fortune but they do the job because it is in their nature. I wish you luck because everyone with MS develops different symptoms, I am now housebound but still on my feet & every day I am grateful for the things I can still do not sorry about the things I can no longer do. Please stay strong & positive Rosie & enjoy life.


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Hi Rosie,

I’m a 30 year old woman and live near Tamworth and in September I’ll be working in Birmingham full time.

If you want to chat more, pm me and we can take it from there :slight_smile:


Roary, :slight_smile:


Lol, when I read what came up on the forum I thought it was a post looking for a ‘relationship’. After reading your post it was clearly not.

I am relived to not see any ‘dodgy’ posts. Really hope you didn’t get any to your inbox.

Good luck with finding people geography close to you with ms of a similar age.

Try the MS society of birmingham, they have FB page and probly their members can put you on to any other meeting. There IS a group meets, but I could never get there, so have lost the details.

this post is a 2 year old !!

this post is 2 year old !!

Same here