Bristol MSers


I’ve moved to Bristol and I was wondering whether there were any groups of people with MS who meet up? If not would anyone be interested in helping me to start I monthly group? I used to help run one in Cardiff and made some really good friends. I just don’t really know enough about Bristol.

I have sent you a private message.

Snowqueen x

Ive sent a pm x

Hi. I’ve sent a message too!

Why all the PMs?

I’m in Bridgwater (J23 of M5) and would love to join a group in Bristol. Please keep me in the loop.

Emma x

Don’t know why pm really, just thought others might not be interested, if not local-ish to Bristol area.

Hello Bristonians… So none of you know of good restaurants etc in your area then !!! (Swiss rolls thread) No worries. :smiley: cool bananas. Hope you’re all well…

Hello, To explain I Private messages someone’s email and telephone number which I understood we shouldn’t put in posts. Details I passed on were someone else’s so no offence intended.

Snowqueen x

sorry Andy my social life’s a bit non-existent currently lots of places near the harbourside / at Bristol but couldn’t recommend one in particular

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Yup, know the feeling, but like it that way. My wife’s off out with a mate to karaoke, I’m babysitting kids and catching up on sky+ ! I’ve told my boss the harbour’s nice, but she stole my thunder on the Sheep ! Baa !!! :smiley: Take care, Andy

We did this as an MS group in pub before, but was not too easy to find accessible flat venues with ok parking in hilly Bristol. Yep, harbour side area could be an option.

I just sent a pm as I copied the person above…brain not working today.only really was asking where too in bristol As area quite big so it would depend where everyone is x

The Bristol Hotel on the Harbour Side is accessible- ideal to phone first to make sure their lifts are working (just in case) and have a mean afternoon tea.

I go to The West of England MS Therapy Centre

the url for the website is

the url for the facebook page is:

The facebook page is well worth a look as it shows some of what the people who use the centre do for fun!

It’s not only a good place to enjoy the many therapies but also meet and chat.