Ms meetups

Does anyone know if there are located support groups tht meet up was thinking it would been good to meet up with people the same as me for coffee maybe e en meet some ms friends. I’m in Glasgow anyone hears anything?

Thanks polar bear I’ll have a look xx

we have a group going in motherwell,starting 9th jan ,we just chat have coffee,we get support from each other,maybe a bit far for u

we have a support group on motherwell,maybe a bit farther than u want to travel

Hi Lorrai

I just live outside Glasgow and go to the revive center in Maryhill . I would be interested in meeting up for coffee or lunch somewhere a bit more peaceful. It would be great to meet other people other than myself who have ms for chat and to make new friends.

I am going away on holiday but if you want to keep in touch I will look into it a bit more when I come back .I don’t mind if you want to send me a pm.


Hi guys sounds good I’m in Newton mearns so motherwell a bit far for me :frowning: could do may Ryhill though. Have a great holiday lucky u xx

Hi Lorrai

Anne again if you would like to meet me at revive in maryhll when I come back from holiday on 16th Jan let me know and we can make contact and arrange a date.

Hi anne that would be good send me a message on ur return and we can make arrangements

Hi Lorrai.

That would be great I stay in bishopbriggs not far from you.