Trying so hard to meet up with people

Hi I’m Jen and I have been trying so hard to meet up with people in my area Renfrew, for so long just to have a coffee and a chat with and to get to know them. I love meeting people and enjpy crafting and going out for lunch or coffee,

So if you happen to stay in Renfrew and can talk for Scotland and would like to get in touch, why not stop by and give me a shout before I lose the ability to drive and we can get a catch up and get to know each other and maybe become friends as the ones I had ditched me once I was diagnosed with MS. Lovely people that they were - NOT. lol

I have PPMS, can still get about with my crutch and my faithful car for the moment., so it would be nice to hear from you

Hugs, Jen


will pm you


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Sadly I’m nowhere near Renfrew, but I feel exactly the same. My so called friends have dumped me, and it’s so hard to make new ones. I think people are afraid I’m going to ask for help!

wishing you loads of luck and lots of new friends xx

I’ve sent you a wee message Jen

Polly xxx

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Do you have a local ms society branch? I finally plucked up the courage to go to mine and now have loads of friends who understand what I’m talking about. We don’t just talk about our problems though. Some of us have now formed coffee/pub group meetings and firm friendships have been made. A life saver for me.


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