Where do you meet like minded people with MS?


Odd question, but where do you meet like minded MS sufferers to chat with?

I’m a 35 year old married male based in Worthing, West Sussex with 2 kids

Basically I’ve had to stop working due to fatigue and permanant blindness… and I’m finding life very isolating at the moment.

Just wanted advice where best I try to get in contact with people?

I’m better conversing with women than I am with men (not liking football or rugby is isolating in itself)!



Hello Simon

I don’t know whether you used to see the former MS nurse who ran social groups for people with MS in Worthing. And I’m uncertain whether the new MS nurse runs the same type of group (maybe unlikely). There did used to be a group who met in the evenings - I think part of the local branch of the MSS. I never went to that as it was in the evenings and I’m not at my best then. It’s not that easy for evening social groups anyway, probably not for you either.

To be honest, I don’t personally feel the lack of meeting other people with MS. I find that this forum is sufficient for me with regard to communication with fellow MSers. But with blindness that’s possibly less accessible for you.

I would suggest you contact the local branch of the MS Society to see if there are any social opportunities. Otherwise, there’s the MS Treatment Centre in Southwick if you can get there:


Hi Simon,

Try the following;

General enquiries and events number: 07795 000 685

Email address:

​Postal address:

Brighton, Hove and District MS Society
PO Box 143
BN41 9DP

The book of Face has a lot of groups, try searching local MS groups, or variation on the words

The like minded bit could be tricky, but this place is a start.

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Right here!


I was just going to look this up but got beaten to it. Hope you find somewhere, if not can I surgest your local church maybe for a coffee morning or church cafe where you can meet in a safe environment and the coffee is usually bearable.



There is a meeting about 9 miles away from me. I enjoyed it but only went once. The drive there and back and the time there exhausted me beyond belief. They were wonderful people and I may go back on a Friday as they do exercises with machines that measure muscles etc… but I was very upset before, only because of my tired state of mind and hearing all these lovely people talking about which shows they were going to, where they were taking friends, the meals planned out that week and lots of nice things that really, as an isolated person, I do very rarely. I don’t know why it upset me so much but I think mixing in a big group with more energy than I have and also a lot of refusal there to accept M.S. it made me very sad and reminded me of all of the things I could have in another life. So lesson learnt for me.

I do however make my sorry but go out even for ten minutes a day unless we have storm Emma (I have a daughter Emma and she has a temper like a storm so I think the name was quite fitting) anyway, the library has activities where many adults go who have either had life-events affect them, diseases, bereavement etc. we do quite a few quite, gentle things. We don’t have to talk, just be. Last week I went into the charity shop and the young man behind the counter was telling me he was assisting as he had a brain injury and volunteering was helping him re-adjust. That made me feel really good meeting him but also a bit ashamed about feeling miserable about my M.S. The local scout hut holds a large community choir on Mondays so I am told, so there are all sorts of things about hopefully if you can find them.

So I meet people with or linked to M.S. on here, they are there in the middle of the night too!