Break FREE from the Conformity...

The title refers to a Meetup Group I started over a month ago… with… hold on… wait for it…

2 Members

We are based in West Yorkshire and I aim to get people together at a comfortable hotel called The Village where we can meet, drink, laugh, share stories but most of all to feel like you belong and to not feel worse than you did when you arrived!!! IF you were interested in getting more information then just get in contact with me and i’ll be glad to speak with you.

Break FREE from the Conformity of MS is totally aimed at us MSers who are sick of being put into boxes with the assumptions of what we like, what we can do, what we can’t do, where to holiday, what to eat etc etc etc

Have a look if you can and Break FREE from what you 'Are Supposed/Expected to do" and STUFF em all.

Hi Mike

I’m interested but don’t live in West Yorkshire but do live in Yorkshire - can I join?

What days and times do you meet up? (I work full time) I use a wheelchair (so can I presume the meeting place will be accessible?)

Can I have more information please?

Anyway I’m interested and could be your 3rd member.

BW, Mary

Morning Mike, I may be interested, I live in West Yorkshire, (Huddersfield), and I’m always looking for things to do, places to go, like a get together, so I’d like to know more, maybe I could be the 4th member.


WHOOOP WHOOOP :slight_smile:

So over the moon and thanks Mary & Jean for your messages. It’s all new to me but I really do want this to happen.

I had our first meet a while ago but it never actually happened as there was only Angela and myself I didn’t feel it would be
and then I got a water infection that took my legs so ive been a little busy trying to get back to something near normal.

Please visit the site and join Login to Meetup | Meetup and we can take it from there. I have the location of the Village hotel assigned for the Meetup group which is accessable (I’m in a chair too) and has the disabled toilets along with a Starbucks!!!

I work part-time Mon, Wed & Fridays which really does keep my mind occupied otherwise i’d be going up the walls.

PLEASE visit the site and join - Who’s going to be the 3rd & 4th?? Its a reace LOL LOL

No really thanks for your interest and hopefully we can all work together to spread the word and as the phrase I like to use

“Feel that we belong” and not leave more depressed than when we arrived :wink: 1st Coffee is on me ladies!!
i’ll go away and once I see you have both joined I will set a date that we can all look forward to.

X Mike Brodie

Morning Mike, I’m going on the site today, I’ve replied again purely to boost this post back up as some could miss it, take care, oh and don’t work too hard, Jean

Hi Mike, I’m signed up - I think I’m number 3 ;-)))))) Mary

I live in Scotland, but I just wanted to wish you good luck with both starting a group & it growing.

Although I hope the first coffee bill is not to high……so far though it seems your becoming a ladies man!

I know Mary & she is pretty well balanced……sorry Mary, I have blown your image…xx


Hi Mike, well I’ve been back in and I think I’ve managed to become the 4th member, so look forward to meeting you and the others, just let me know when, take care, Jean