'local' ms society


i am not quite sure how to word this without coming across as ungrateful but i am hurt-not just for for me but also all the others that will be affected (or not, as the case may be!)

for several years my local branch of the ms society have had a stall at a local, quite large event.

the idea was to let the wider community what support was available locally and nationally. i am in a fairly disabled state as regulars will know but i made the effort to get there and talk with people with had real fears and tried to reassure them that it was rare to end up like this but even if they do then u can still live a full life with support-varying degrees!

i am well aware that we were ‘spoiled’ locally-it is a great support network covering meals (lunch and evening), men only or female only support. there is one meeting a week that enables a person to attend a group of their choice at least one a month.

i have heard that there will be no stall at this huge event this year because its not ‘financially viable’.

head office are now in charge of such events and it really saddens me that they seem to misunderstand rural living.

i understand why they have chosen to go down this route-i think its sad and will alienate us rural folk even further.

i also understand that with technology theres always someone on the end of a computer but nothing will replace face to face human contact.

a sad ellie but i am grateful that i got involved when i did and will continue to do my bit but it will be harder without such a great platform.

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That’s a real shame Ellie!

Bless you for taking part and helping out, as someone relatively young (or VERY if you ask the others) with RRMS one of the most comforting things has been the invaluable advice,encouragement and experience of those who have lived with ms for a long time !

Financially viable seems so cold when what it can bring is priceless

I really hope a solution is found and our rural folk are not left isolated xx

hi fb

thanks for your reply.

what you say i have been told by others! youngsters talking with me did help them with some of their worries and if not then one of folk that were there on the day were able to point them in the right direction for help/answers.

we were told they would attend one meeting a month-thats never happened in 2 yrs! they did get paid to attend concerts which is a limited target of people and we never heard any feedback from them.

the event that i am referring to is for all ages and abilities-well i manage to get there on my powerchair!

this year i will still be going but for the first time with my nephew and if its raining we wont be able to shelter in the ms society gazebo!