M. S support groups

Does anyone go to their local m. s support grouo


I don’t go to the local MS Society one (not actually that local to me). But there are a couple other groups that meet regularly here in Sheffield. They’re not really MS ‘support’ groups though, just groups where everyone has a drink and chat about anything, and we just happen to all have MS.


I don’t as they are all on at night. I dont do evening outs, by 6pm I am tucked up in bed resting lol. I dont sleep or nap in the day and by 3pm my battery is dead.

7th july. I forgot they are open in the morning but its miles from me well takes 30 minutes and i dont drive and to get a taxi it costs 40.00. I tried to get one open near me, and i was looking forward to doing something useful and the people from society came and talked to me, next thing i know is they said the girl that deals with it all in my area would sort it out, and well it never happened as they just kept saying there was one close by 15 minutes away, well when you dont drive 15 minutes is impossible. i even had MS followers in my area who wanted to go to the one i was discussing and we had a place FREE. I was disappointed and gave up. The lady who run it could still drive and get about but not all of us can, even the MS Society members dont seem to get that a lot of us have issues or problems get anywhere. even going to appointments is a chore, i have to pay to get to my urology appointment its going to cost me 30.00. My husband died so i lost my lift.

i go to the ms therapy centre just outside of manchester.

i like the hyperbarric oxygen treatment.

the best thing about it is having 90 minutes to read, that is until i nod off and my big hard back book falls onto the floor and wakes everyone up!

No I don’t go to any groups. Except this one (does a ‘virtual’ support group count as local?)


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I do. It’s about half an hour away. Husband drives. It’s a great place with lovely people with a broad range of disabilities. We can chat as we are seated around a huge table, and there’s a volunteer who makes us teas and coffees plus there’s always scones and jam. There are two ladies who provide various therapies like reflexology, reiki, massage or acupuncture. There is an exercise/physio class another morning. Not for me! Husband likes to stay and the social side of things is lovely. We get to go to a summer dinner at a great venue next month and at Christmas. We are given a very generous cheque in December from the ms society also.

There is one near but I wasn’t exactly sure what on, I might consider it as it would be nice to speak to someone who knows what you’re going through

hi sheila

you’ll never know unless you try it.

i go to the summer meal and the christmas meal by the ms society.

know a few of them but it’s hardly close friendships.

the ms therapy centre is brilliant.

made very good friendships there.

carole x