West Yorkshire NEW Meetup members

I just wanted to post a massive welcome to my Meetup groups new members who have joined today. Jean & Mary are my 3rd and 4th members and are more than prepared to Break FREE.

When i created the title Break FREE from the Conformity of MS i thought that maybe it is too long and complicated but NO - Why do people assume what you can do, what you want to do and what is best for you!! Conformity means what is expected so break FREE from this and make your own mind up - MS stops your legs from working or stops your arms from working or makes you slur your words or makes you go to the toilet at short notice or makes your vision blured or double vision or it makes your arms & legs twitch or it give you restless leg syndrome BUT IT DOES NOT STOP YOUR BRAIN FROM WORKING so leave me alone!!! :slight_smile:

For so very long I have stayed away from other disabled people thinking that if I stay and think positive then I will get better. It’s not through fear or not wanting to accept the diagnosis but merely thinking ‘Ohh i am fine and I will cope by myself - I don’t need anyone else’ Well what a load of pish, as the Scottish say.

I want to be involved and if i can help just 1 person through creating this Meetup then i know i am going to be a happier person for it. Getting pleasure from helping others will make my life make sense so come on PLEASE join the group and lets have some good debates and some fun!!!

So if you live in or around West Yorkshire and would like to get involved then eith please email me on…

or visit the website…


Hope to hear from you very soon,

X Mike Brodie


ye are slevering pish-this scottish woman would say

all the best with group-i started similar in edinburgh and glasgow when i was much more able than i am now

ellie x

Cheers Ellie - I have a couple of good Scottish friends and I say pish all the time and they pee themselves laughing. Thanks for your support and I wish the very best of health to you!!!

X Mike Brodie