meeting up with fellow msers tomorrow

i belong to a facebook group Ladies with Lesions (although we have some men).

it’s a real boost to meet up every few months and i’ve organised one for tomorrow at 12.00.

if anyone is in the bolton area you are welcome to join us at the harvester, middlebrook, horwich (just opposite the bolton football ground).

we are thinking of meeting more often so if anyone is interested i’ll add you to the list.

i won’t be driving so i can have a tipple!

or two, three even.

carole x

That’ll be lovely!

I have met a few women from here…a few years ago and they don’t come here anymore! Was it summat I said?



hi poll

it’s not easy making arrangements to meet up because as we know ms will play its dirty tricks whenever it wants.

(it needs a good slap)

we’re lucky because the harvester we meet at is not far from the motorway so people come from manchester and other far flung places.

we’ll raise a glass to you poll under the heading Absent Friends.

i really hope the new men make it because one of the ladies relies on her lovely husband and he feels self conscious being the only man.

one of the new men is off for HSCT somewhere far off - WOW!!!

carole x

hah! i usually drink fizzy water but tomorrow i’m having a gin cos going by taxi

Good for you Carole we could do with a lot more people to do what you have done.

Hope you have a lovely time and enjoy your tipple.



Have a great time Carole. If anyone is still on here who remembers the get togethers at the Wheatsheaf, they were happy times. I’m still in touch and meet up with some of the regulars even now.


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