Meetings in North Manchester

Hi, was at our local MS Branch AGM and it was noted a lack of younger members (younger being below the age of 50). Is this the same everywhere?

I know a number of us in our area are out there but what with work/families/life commitments we do not want to go and sit for 2 hours at a formal meeting.

So my question is: Is there a meet up somewhere in a pub/cafe that happens in your area and if so, is there one in North Manchester. I am led to beleive their are ‘younger’ sessions in the Oldham and stockport (though this is South Manchester) Area. Are there any in the Bury area? If not, fancy an organised one?

No takers? :frowning:

Hi :slight_smile:

My branch is Chester & Ellesmere Port and myself (25) and one other girl (23) are the only two under the age of about 50, so we also have a lack of younger members. Does your branch have a facebook/twitter account, to reach out to a younger audience? That’s something I’m bringing to our next committee meeting. It might help you to get something up and running in your area for younger people.

Tara x

Hi Tara, sorry for the delay. This was brought up at our AGM but muted because they wanted to concentrate on ‘just updating our official web space’ (WTF?)

I am at the Bury based branch which now is going to be something slightly different.

I was talking to the ex-chairman of the Manchester Central branch and he said they had the same problem getting uptake of younger people. There was a rumour of a slightly broke off branch meeting in Pilsworth off the M66 but still chasing that one.

there is a facebook group called ladies with lesions and one of them arranges meet-ups at the harvester (opposite the reebok stadium). we dont talk about the serious stuff. just stuff our faces!

Carole58, that is the sort of things I am after seeing (tho ladies group not my style as being male). Not saying it has to be a doom and gloom meet up! Just a non serious meet-up!


I have the same prob down here. When i was dx i had a chat with the ms nurse who said i was too young for the ms meet-ups down here, which i have to agree with him being 28 and the youngest on their books is late 50’s.

Hope you find some.


I was talking to my significant other about this problem that the younger ages (16-50) may feel left out on diagnosis and initial contact with support groups, as the MS Nurse may be too busy (unaware of groups) to pass on details of groups who just want to go out and meet up in a non-serious way!