hi eveyone is anybody from northwich with ms im 29 and like to meet new ppl in the same boat.

hi kirsty

i’m not from norwich and sadly way older than 29 but i’m awake!

doing my zombie act at this daft hour.

hope you get loads of replies from young locals xxx

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Hi Kirsty

​i do not even know where Northwich is , I can not remember what 29 was (when I too was diagnosed) so I am about as much use as a chocolate teapot. What I can offer you is a hearty welcome to somewhere that people will understand how you may be feeling and be able to offer the benefits of their experience. I hope you find some local contacts.


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Try Shift MS, as they tend to have a younger membership and a useful map showing MSers by area.

I am still young I think! 45? Old or young?

Hi kirsty I’m in Devon. I’m 32. Bit far to meet up for a chat and a cuppa. But please chat to us all on here any time. Everyone is helpful and friendly x Good luck with everything

Still young!


Hi Kirsty,

Sorry that you’ve joined the MS club.

Find out about your local MS Society , they sometimes meet for coffee or exercise classes. There’s something on this website that tells you who to contact. There will be all ages of people but they’ll all have MS in common so good to chat to.


Found it!

Care and Support - top orange bar.

Drop down menu - local support.

Search - put your nearest town/city in.

Good luck!