Hey All,

I am a 27 year old girl living with MS, in South Manchester.

I’ve just started volunteering at the Trafford Therapy centre, which is a brilliant place for people with MS and offers SO much, but was disappointed to see that I struggled to find anybody under 40!! I have a few friends with MS and we all agree that sometimes being surrounded by older sufferers, really doesn’t help (is that just us?)

I may may be wrong, but I am yet to find a group specifically for younger people in my area and just wondered if there was anybody in Manchester/Cheshire who feels the same as I’d love to create one :slight_smile: no doom and gloom or serious stuff xx


i think it very much depends on ur local mss. i am lucky-a wide range of folk of all ages involved in mine. dont be too hasty to write off the oldies-we have experience if nothing else…

ur r right to motivate urself and start ur own circle-good luck!