Younger people with Ms

Hi can anybody suggest ways where we can attract younger msers to come along to my local ms branch because at 41 I’m the youngest member and it would be nice to have some younger members many thanks

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I was just about to post the same. I am also 41 and the youngest member at our branch and we would love some younger members

Where abouts are you woodlandsim

Hi if I lived anywhere near I’d come I’d love to meet some younger people with ms

Where do u live prairiemarmot?

Do you know Daz, you’ve just got me thinking. Why not get together with your club and get a spokesperson to approach your local radio and ask for a ten minute slot promoting what and where? It could do some good, reaching a large audience, especially if you mention you’re trying to involve younger members too. Just a thought.

That sounds like a good idea Poppy6488 it’s worth a shot plus also a lot of younger people with ms are in denial, I wad diagnosed at 19 and I know I was at that age it’s only recently that I’ve been more open about it so it’s took me close to 20 years to open up t others ad contact the ms society

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Oh lord, I’m 56 and diagnosed last May and I’m still in denial…until my legs won’t work when I want them to and I can’t walk for long without needing my crutch. That’s a slap of reality then.

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I live in taddington in derbyshire there’s a meeting group not far from me and there a lovely bunch of older ladies but no younger people there

Try Shift MS. Lots of younger people on there and meet ups in different areas of the country. I’m always happy to meet up with people but I’ll be honest, my experience with my local MS group put me off. Long story short I didn’t find the group supportive at all. Plus my local group is during the working week so I couldn’t go on a regular basis even if I wanted to. I’m not into baking cakes either - a key theme I’ve come across with the charity as a whole. I’m interested in patient advocacy and service improvement for people with MS and would rather talk about that with like minded people.

Hi Wanderlust can I ask where are you from

I’m near Basingstoke, but have never been in contact with my local branch, nor gone to any events. I’m 40, so wouldn’t be that young, but there’s nothing being made ‘public’ to really draw me. The local branch does have get-togethers (monthly meal out at the Toby Carvery,from memory), but when I look on their facebook page they aren’t very active on facebook. Perhaps if they posted photos from their events showing everyone having fun it would encourage more people to attend. Most young 'uns are on facebook all the time, so this is probably an ideal media to exploit, alongside the MS Shift forum…

Hi Loretta the only problem with posting pictures of my ms branch is that it’s all older people and any younger person seeing them may think I’M NOT GOING THERE ITS FULL OF OLD PEOPLE that’s what my worry is

Fair comment! lol! Perhaps some ‘creative’ photography (focusing on stuff at the event rather than the people), and encouraging the branch members to post about how much they enjoyed the day might help?.. Perhaps being mindful of the kind of events being planned to see if the branch can plan things that would encourage younger people as well as the current members? Hard to organise something that will suit everyone I know, but perhaps a meal with a comedy act type thing? (I’m thinking Jongeleurs (sp?) or similar - they attract a wide age range…). Publicise it at the venue, at local doctors surgerys, ask the local hospital if they’d be happy to put a poster in the neuro department/general notice board, in local pharmacies…

I don’t have kids so I’m not gonna be as much help as others on here who probably have kids that are young adults and know better what they enjoy, but between us all we must be able to come up with some ideas…

I agree with you Loretta there definitely has to be a way of getting the younger ones to join the branches but like I said a lot will be in denial,so to get them there its going to have to be something spectacular lol