what would you have a local branch do for you?

I am wondering what would encourage more MSers to go to events. What would you go to? when would it happen? How often? would it be a chat, or physical activities, or advice, or something else? How have more people been informed?

I am asking this to see if some ideas that I have and have been suggested might work. Each branch may be doing lots and have experiences of what works or struggles. All ideas will be grateully received.

Bumping this back up in the hope I might get some replies

Hi Andy I’m fairly new to the MS world having only been dx in Dec 13. I rang my local group and was quite out off. It was explained to me that most member were quite a bit older than me. I’m 32 and for the most part, quite well. For me, I would love to meet with a wide range of people, including younger folk. I would like to get involved in activities such as fund raising and local awareness. Updates would be good in relation to ongoing advances with treatment, diet advice. Also, including family/friends. I don’t know if this makes sense (mid relapse), but hope it helps Lorna x


i am going to see if i can find thread started by hobs for u cos loads of replies there-including what my own branch does-its brill but only as good as its members i was told yest

back in a mo or when i find it!


Hi Lorna, What you have said makes perfect sense. The issue of ages has been mentioned more than once to me! Would you go to a group with a range of ages or would you prefer a group of " younger" people? Also how often would you like it to be available? Once a week, fortnight, month? Information seems to be a big issue too. It is quite a challenge to provide info for a well mser and also some of the trickier issues without being scary! So many with ms carry on with their lives relatively well and like you want to stay as well as possible and make a difference for their, and others, futures. I am just starting some training to be a support volunteer and hope to be involved in the local branch. There will be two of us who like you are much younger than the others… How are you doing? Andy

Thanks Ellie


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Hi Ellie, I don’t know whether I should be relieved that people do want their branches to offer so much or shocked at how ineffective so many are. My thoughts were that as I have progressed my needs and attitude have changed. So I would imagine that others would want varying groups…newly diagnosed, mixed sex, blokes groups, exercise, advice, visits, coffee and chats, pub…so many! Feel quite motivated to start some of these events but know I need more than just me.

Hi Andy having been involved in charities all my life in the search and rescue scene and then the biker scene when ill health hit me all i wanted was to meet folks that understand but also to make new friends and all my life i have asked for nothing being a typical bloke bloke , when i did i was met with something more bland than smash potato (my post on the subject is somewhere on here) so i made the decision to go it alone and visit my local ms centre Merlin and if the future changes where i have time to devote then i may start 1 up , good luck and all the best


I’m not doing too bad Andy. Just riding through this relapse, hopefully will be back at work in a couple of weeks. I think it’s great you’re trying to get ideas together to do something! L x

I am 33 with a four year old boy. Do relatively well I think…daft left leg but cope with it. Can even wear heels finally again! For me … And this isn’t anything against older msers … I would like to meet others around my age with young children. Just to get their perspective, friendship and for my child to know anothe child who may understand what he lives with to an extent, although presently it doesn’t effect him at all but I think you know what I mean? Nothing again older people but this is just the circle of people I’d like to meet. And I definitely would not want to be doing bingo, cups of tea and biscuits. Posh coffee shop maybe?! Haha. I do feel like the m.s meets are not for me often as aimed at older groups. I hope that comes across right! X