where are people from

H guys sorry for another post

I am wondering where people are from and if anyone is near. I am from south yourkshire (Barnsley) and to see if anyone knows of any events near by or local to me.



Hi Clare

I am fairly close to you as in Sheffield - in fact I have been to a 1st B’day party in Hoyland in Barnsley today!!

I am currently in limboland and haven’t much looked into any events, etc, but let me know if you hear of any.

Thanks, Emma xx

Hi I’m from Brighton :slight_smile: Sam x

I’m a south west walian!!!xxxx

Scouseland. Xx



I’m in Exeter, Devon…


I live in SE Wales and work in Bristol.

Originally, Glasgow. Now, London.


I live in the very dull and boring town of Warrington, I hate it here and am only here due to financal problems, I miss Manchester where I used to live and where the few friends I have are I am so lonely here

Staffordshire x

I am from Oldham, top or in for many unwanted charts, car insurance claim, highest unemployment, teen pregnancies, fortunately not up to me. My heart is in Cornwll though.

Originally a nothern girl but now in London :slight_smile:

Henley - where it be mad reegatttah time darlink

None of us are very helpful for your local events question eh! x

I live in Wiltshire x

I`m in West Yorkshire.

luv Pollx

Isle of Sheppey (Kent) for me.

Mags :slight_smile: xx

karenwolff50 I am from Salisbury in south wilts but now live in Beds.

Claire, I am sure there is a map on the main website where you can find your local support groups, MS specialists and MS nurses etc.

I wonder - are there ever any ‘meet & greets’ going on at all, anywhere?

I am in Hertfordshire x

I’m a Blackcountry wench.