Local MS Society Groups

I met two lovely ladies today, fundraising for the MS Society in Tesco at Sleaford (Lincs.) They were from the Grantham and Sleaford MS Society. If anyone else is local, I have contact details if you’d like to pm me or can someone please link to them on this site - I assume its here somewhere? We had a good chat. I was in my wheelchair (makes supermarkets easier to be in!) and I explained where I am…still pretty much in limboland. It’s good to know I have local contacts that I can get in touch with if need be. I’m now the proud owner of a lovely orange bracelet :wink: Have you got in touch with your local group? Have you been involved in fundraising?

hi reikiblossom

my local group don’t seem to have regular meetings but i lways get an invite to he summer meal and the christmas meal.

i go to these meals and it’s good to see familiar faces.

i attend the ms therapy centre in manchester (about 17 miles away) and again i enjoy meetking other people who are going through the same stuff as me.

i did the cake bake for the ms society and i also baked cakes for a fundraising barbecue at the ms therapy centre.

one benefit is that with so much practice my lemon drizzle traybake is getting really good!

carole x

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Ooh…that sounds delicious, Carole :slight_smile: Being in touch with others is so important, isn’t it. One of the ladies I met was empathising with the things I was telling her and said that her first MRI was clear, too. It didn’t surprise me but I wonder how often that happens. She is now using a motorised wheelchair and has just got an adapted car. I’m not thinking that I’ll go the same way but I am increasingly convinced that my problem is MS. So…I’ll keep talking to people while I await further investigation.

Did someone say ‘cake’ and ‘lemon drizzle’? Drooooooool xx I’m not up to fundraising yet, but when I’m more stable I will most definately. In the meantime I buy things from the site shop, ribbons, tee shirts…all helps xx

i’ve had to stop baking because although i don’t eat cake i always lick the spoon when i’ve finished a mix (it would be ever so rude not to).

my recent blood tests have shown high sugar levels and the only thing i can put that down to is licking the spoon.

got an appointment with the practice nurse to discuss this so hopefully it will turn out to be a false alarm and i can start baking again.

i could just stop spoon licking but it is a well established habit!!

carole x

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I’m on the mailing list for my local branch of the MS society but so far I haven’t managed to get to any events - they are either midweek daytime while I’m at work, or on the one night a week I have a longstanding commitment.

I did some baking for Cake Break - first time in many years. I enjoy eating cakes but not baking them!

I must check out the shop…

I’ve just signed up for the ChallengeMS 20k London walk on 28th September with hubbie & sister.

If you’d like to help me raise money for the MS society, here’s the link to my just giving page;



Good luck, Kath! Hope you get lots of sponsors :slight_smile: