OLYMPIC TORCH - Is it coming to your town ?

The Olympic Torch Relay hits Malvern on Friday 25th May 2012.  My son is part of the Welcoming Committee - playing in his String Quartet "CHARRIOTS OF FIRE" as the Torch Bearer Sprints past !!

People seem to be pretty excited about it all...

Is it coming to your town ?  Will you go and see it ?  Me personally, no, its not really my 'cup of tea'.


definatly not my cupa tea.

the new venues that have bein built are no doubt fantastic but i personaly think its all OTT. multi millions spent which will not be recouped i suspect



Yes, it comes to Exeter today!...I'm not going, but my daughter and her friend are...Its gonna be far too busy for me I'm afraid!



Heard that some torches are being sold on e-bay this morning.  Is it a sign of the times - people trying to recoup monies they badly need or in bad taste?


I dont think its coming here, but if it were I would have liked to have seen everyone cheering it on its merry way.  We need something to cheer us up before we are all lambs put to slaughter in the name of the recession.



It's coming to Stroud on Wednesday, and no I won't be going to see it.


Yes it's coming through Maidstone but I won't many people there.


If it's a relay surely they only need one torch and possibly one back up, they should be passing it along, they only have one baton in a relay race don't they? why the need for 8,000? I believe there will be a great big fuss possibly ending up in court cases over the ticketing farce amongst other things......just seems to be ALL about money now! bah, humbug and all that! lol!


Alison x

The torch will only get as far as the next village from us, so I won't get a peep, but I am really looking forward to the Olympics as I love sport. It is a shame that so many of the torches are being sold on ebay. Surely they would be worth far more after ten or twenty years anyway?



Yes-going to be here-most of the local schools are going to see it as it passes through.  I aint but its history and they are going to be a part of it-hope they enjoy.

As for the cost-well-that wasnt the original question! LOL

Ellie x

Torch relay passed within less than half a mile of my home location yesterday (Saturday) did not go to see it on principle.

As I posted on here previously, the route through Cornwall was a total disgrace, it visited a commercial theme park (the Eden Project), then left Cornwall by the back door, the Tamer bridge, completely avoiding Launceston which is the county town and gateway in and out of Cornwall.

The bumbling Olympic deliverance committee, needed more research I think.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I think the torch route is designed to take it within 10 miles of everyone.

I might go and see it in a couple of days when it finishes it's day near us.  It'll be busy, though!  

I'm looking forward to watching the games on the telly, and even a few footie matches in Cardiff.  My blue badge lets me cross the bridge without paying the toll, and lets me arrange a disabled parking spot!  We'll be watching Englands first game, and the bronze medal game.

I always need something to look forward to and at the moment am planning on enjoying a day out in Wales, or two   :-)

If I'm too knackered to go, I'll stay at home with the cats watching it on the telly and see if I can spot Martin and the lucky 'other ticket holder' in the crowd!  

Hi, All Hope you are all well.

Yes the torch is coming to  our town but its not my hubbys cup of tea l would like to see it not something that will come my way again in my lifetime. But l think it will be best watched on TV l will see more.

  regards to all  Jan xx 

I've decided.  If I feel OK I think I'll go and see if I can get a look!

I took the day off work to watch Concorde come back to Filton Air Field on it's final flight.  We live a mile away, but my diabetes was not under good enough control for me to want to take the risk of needing the loo!  We saw her fly over (ish) our house 3 times.  It was nice to feel part of it when we watched the news coverage on telly.

The torch is coming through our little village, past my Daughters school at the time I will be dropping her off! (June 21st)...So I will be watching it! It is a once in a lifetime thing for her and her sister, so I want to make sure they see it. I will get them some flags too!

(EllenC: I do wish I'd seen the Concorde, I am proud to say my Grandad designed the undercarriage and running gear for that and the Vulcan.)

In two minds.

I'm in Ellen's neck of the woods, so it's closest to me Wednesday morning.  In theory, it should be possible to go, but it's a bus ride away (will buses even be running properly, due to heavy traffic?)

And I have reservations, these days, about anything that involves dense crowds and a lot of standing about - which this is sure to.

I've got tickets for the Olympic Closing Ceremony - unsure whether to go to that either, for the same reasons.

I was going to go with my mum, who is now not well enough...probably.

I haven't anyone else to go with (no partner, friends all married with kids), so I'm not sure I fancy sitting there by myself.  And I'm worried about delays and overcrowding on the transport (London Underground), and about long queues to get in/out.


Better yet, some enterprising (?) soul is selling off a PHOTO of the Olympic torch - think some people in their haste to get a bit of tat have bidded this A4 glossy PHOTO up to £1,250.00. Bet they think it’s a torch…

London 2012 Olympic Torch Photo

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Item condition:

Time left:

2h 18m 30s (21 May, 201215:35:04 BST)

Current bid:


[ 30 bids ] [Refresh bidhistory]

Place bidPlace bidPlace bid

Enter £1,260.00 or more

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I don’t actually mind people selling their torches off, so what, people need the money, this is a recession, it’s even better if some of the funds raised is donated to charity.

I read the sory of someone who took down his eBay advertisement after receiving criticism.

He said: ‘I understand some people may find the idea of selling an Olympic torch offensive but we could genuinely use the money.

‘Without giving you a sob story, we’ve a lovely baby boy and my wife has just gone back to work after maternity leave.

Also, the torch is nearly a metre long, and looks weird on the mantelpiece.’

The idea of an Olympic Torch was devised purely for propaganda by the Nazi Party, in Berlin 1936.

I think I will give it a miss.


I haven't got the foggiest idea.


The eBay item quoted by anu, above, reminded me that some time last year (as I recall) another “enterprising” person offered a photo of the box for a very desirable digital camera.

It was quite clear from the advert that it was just a photo, but the words were carefully chosen so as to imply that the camera itself was the item being sold. That too attracted a lot of bids.

Over a decade back, yet another “enterprising” person was offering a “rare Z1 Nikon camera” at a stupid starting price - and it was very clear from the photo that it was a cheap Practica body with the word Nikon on a piece of Dymo embossing tape stuck over the name. The thing that amused me was that there never has been a “Z1 Nikon”, but he had to say that to get round the fact that Z1 was engraved on the body, and a second piece of Dymo tape might have been too obvious.

At the time, you had to be a member of eBay to report a fraud (or attempted fraud), and it was clearly a fraud. The offering of photos of something rare/desirable cannot be fraud if it is clearly stated that it is a photo being sold - even if the words used tend to take one’s mind away from the facts.

Ever heard the expression “Buyer Beware”?


I was in London when the three Concordes arrived at Heathrow for the last time - that was the week before, I think. We were standing in Kensington Gardens watching as one after the other appeared and turned for its final approach. At one point, we could see all three of them. A fine sight, but poignant. Lots of people were standing watching, being very restrained and British about it, but when we started waving at the planes, lots of other people started doing the same.