24 hour Paralympic Torch Relay

Just back from seeing the Paralympic Torch Relay set off on its way from Stoke Mandeville Stadium and Hospital into the wider world.

Great fun and a wonderful atmosphere, but very disappointed that we didn’t get to see the torch bearers close up because they were running so very late … and we eventually had to leave to catch a train home, having already waved goodbye to the one we’d been aiming to get half an hour earlier

Stoke Mandeville and Aylesbury town centre were packed solid and I have honestly never seen so many obviously disabled people out for a night on the town before.

If you’re planning on staying up late / getting up early to see the flame pass by, give the torch bearers an extra cheer from me please - and have fun!

Lolli xx

I understand Atos have claimed sponsors rights and renamed this “The Benefit Cheats Relay”. Apparently, keeping the disabled all in one place has made it so much easier to assess their ability to work.

Do you think I have been signing too many petitions?

Thread killer!

Sorry, is this any better?

The 14th paralympics start in London today and this week many people will see wheelchair users in a whole new light.

Best of Luck to Everyone

Absolutely, good luck to them all…so brave, so dedicated.bless `em!

luv Pollx

Yay, fantastic, go Paralympic athletes!

Aren’t they just amazing? I don’t know about you, but I think I’m going to be practising my tv watching skills for the next couple of weeks!

Lolli xx