Disabled campaigners will take fight to paralympics (with link)

This is great:


Pat x

I am in Australia so the Atos proces hasn’t has any direct impact on me although I am very aware of the appalling processes in assessing people’s ability to work.

BUT I don’t think the Paralympics is the venue to protest this. I was very nearly a Parlympian in the Dressage until a broken neck prevented me from riding again and I would be gutted if protestors marred my opportunity to compete for my country.

Given so many competitors aren’t even from Britain surely a more appropriately targetted audience could be found for this protest?

I have nothing against protesting against Atos, quite the opposite. I fully understand people’s frustration in feeling that Atos funding the Games is seen as hypocritical but the question of who the protest is most going to harm must be asked. And if it causes damage to the athletes’ full particiapation in the Games then surely the protestors are also being hypocritical?

Find another venue and protest against Atos without penalising the Paralympians themslves.


But Belinda the action is against Atos and Paralympian Baroness Tanni-Grey-Thompson is supporting the action (which will be mainly at Atos assessment centres) for the following reasons:

Britain’s most famous Paralympian, Tanni Grey-Thompson, has warned that disability benefit cuts will affect the development of top athletes and undermine the Games’s key legacy aim of widening access to sport for disabled people. She said changes to disability living allowance (DLA) would take vital day-to-day financial support away from many disabled people, including athletes.

I think it must be difficult to realise exactly what is going on here unless you are here, and I do take your point… however I will support any action against the violation of human rights that is taking place right here in the UK, right now.

Pat x

Fair enough Pat. But while I am opposed to Atos and shudder to think we may ever go down the same path here, I would also be devastated if I was competing and the Games were disrupted due to a protest.

Respect for the athletes and the right time and place is all I am saying…

And TBH given the security measures in place I doubt the Disability Action group will get anywhere near the Olympic venues anyway so the protestors need to be careful they don’t end up with negative media coverage. It could back fire… which would be awful :frowning:

B x

Sorry, just to clarify…

If the protests are at the Atos assesment cetres and I WAS over there competing I would probably finish riding my test and gallop straight over and join in on my horse

But I just wouldn’t want protests at the competition venues…

B x

I think we should be clear that people are dying as a result of this vicious Government policy and thousands of others face extreme hardship. We need people to be outraged at exactly what’s happening and if that takes a protest at the Olympic Stadium, then so be it. Cutting benefit to those who need it, in order to make tax cuts for multi millionaires must be challenged.

I took this from Early Day Motion 295

“deplores that last year 1,100 claimants died while under compulsory work-related activity for benefit and that a number of those found fit for work and left without income have committed or attempted suicide; condemns the International Paralympic Committee’s promotion of Atos as its top sponsor”


Good for them!

I hope the world listens.

thanks Pat x

Well said Belinda!

Realistically the security at the Olympic site is so tight that I doubt if any demonstrators will get anywhere close… but if the protest stimulates more media attention, so much the better. The more we can ‘wake up’ the general public to what’s going on the better.

Hope you’re enjoying the Olympics. I find myself fascinated. The less able I become the more astonished I am by some of these athletes!

Pat x

Well said Whammel !!!

Pat x

You are quite right about security at the Olympic Site and a glance out of my window confirms that there are nine police, two of which have sub machine guns and side arms. Still, we only need to raise the profile and the worlds press should be able to cause the Old Etonians some discomfort.

Glad to hear you are enjoying the Olympics and can’t wait until the athletics start.

Now that should be printed in all the tabloids…

fat chance.

Sorry to say; for the first time; I’m totally against brogs feelings.

Take the PCS (Border Guards Union) they threatened to go on strike two days before Olympics. Fair enough it got the two Cs to negotiate; which they have since ignored; so just the threat will get them talking.

If you’re a travel company you do not call a strike; after a ballot of course; in March. If you’re a TV Union you ballot for a strike at Christmas. The one time your going to get negotiations about WCA is threaten to disrupt the Paralympics.

Good on em!


Good for them. People are dying as a direct result of this government’s actions. It is shamefull and very frightening what is happening in the UK now. We need someone to do something to tell the world about ATOS and the government’s plans for us and what better way to do it than when the world’s media are watching?

Wow, what an interesting read!

I didn`t know ATOS were the sponsors of the Paralympic Games.

Double standards or what!

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